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Vampire contact lenses, not just novelty contact lenses these theatrical contact lenses are ideal for special effect costumes and Halloween

Costume contact lenses

Would you like to truly authenticate that vampire costume of yours? for this year's fancy dress? Why not try vampire contacts! Even if you are just plain fed up with your normal image and want to try something unique why not try these scary contact lenses, vampires are all the range today!

You might have seen people with plain and boring colored contact lenses, but vampire lenses also known as Plano lenses can dramatically change your whole appearance. Now some decorative lenses will just cover the coloured part of your eye well theses dramatic scleral contact lenses cover your whole eye really creating that dramatic effect!

Special Effects Vampire Contact Lenses

There is a vast amount of options available to you for your costume contact lenses whether you want look like Dracula or even Edward Cullen out of the box office thriller 'Twilight', you can have any colour you want from a pale white to striking red such as Dracula the options are really endless for these theatrical contact lenses.

To make sure you get the most out of you new special effect contact lenses make sure care for them properly. Wash and dry your hands before and after every use. Always follow the instructions and change your wacky contact lenses whenever you are meant to and most importantly never share your new novelty contact lenses with any one.

Your new crazy scary contact lenses will not effect your vision as they are merely cosmetic contact lenses so you can you can change your style with a dramatic effect whenever it takes your pleasure!

mirrored contact lenses, black sclera contact lenses

Also another great use for theses contact lenses is an ideal present for that Edward Cullen's number one fan who just happens to be your niece/nephew wouldn't you be the perfect aunt or uncle with such a unique present as this! Or maybe your the parent trying to make your child stand out that little bit more in years school pageant than all the all the other Ben Franklins before him or her.

Whatever the reason these theatrical contact lenses have so many uses its endless so whatever the reason give them a go and you will never look back!! The use of special effect contact lenses such as gothic contact lenses, pitch black contact lenses is no longer restricted to movie stars or Halloween.

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