Mirrored Contact Lenses -Pitch Black-Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses

Mirrored contact lenses as in The Chronicles of Riddick films and the black sclera contact lenses are the ultimate scary contact lenses with dramatic special effects.

Chronicles of Riddick Contact Lenses

Mirror contact lenses are the hottest product on the market in the modern craze for special effect contact lenses which also includes other products such a colored contact lenses, theatrical contact lenses etc.

By far one of the most popular of the special effects contact lenses are mirrored Riddick contact lenses which you will have seen in The Chronicles of Riddick which uses pitch black mirrored contact lenses. These are black sclera contact lenses, the sclera being the white part of your eye.

Pitch black mirrored contact lenses

When you are wearing these crazy contacts contact lenses including black sclera contact lenses and pitch black contact lensesyou can still see as normal as if you weren't wearing any contact lenses, it's the effect they give when a person looks into your eyes, you can see them and all they can see is their reflection they can not see your eyes as such! This is the main reason mirrored contact lenses have become so popular, giving you the 'WOW' factor at any of your costume parties!

Costume contact lenses

The ever growing need of the public to stand out and be seen has driven the demand for products such as halloween contact lenses, theatrical contact lenses and even wacky contact lenses, through the roof. While your wearing your new costume contact lenses your are sure to be the centre of attention at party are or social gathering you attend. What a conversation starter 'why can I only see my reflection in your eyes?', you are sure to grab attention of that certain some one then!

There also many other uses for these mirror tinted contact lenses, why not try wearing them for your day out at the beach and see the results? The mirrored effect on your new contacts works the same way sunglasses do, the mirrored effect blocks the sun from your eyes thus no need for sunglasses two great inventions rolled into one what more could you possibly want?

What a wonderful inventions we have from today's modern technologies that we have so many brilliant style transforming items at our finger tips! As the ever increasing demand continues to grow for items such as these we can only expect the prices to drop and the range to ever continue to grow.

Theatrical contact lenses in more than one sense!

So if you are that person who wants to stand out from the crowd draw a bit of attention to yourself and maybe catch someone's eyes, try these fantastic marvel of modern day technologies called special effects contact lenses , you will never be disappointed! At the next party you go to, look at the person who is holding all the attention, now imagine all the attention you would have got if you had mirrored contacts!

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