Black Sclera Contact Lenses, Pitch Black Mirrored Contact Lenses

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Pitch black sclera contact lenses

Black sclera contact lenses are quite possibly the scariest and freakiest colored contacts currently available. These crazy contacts work by covering the white portion of your eye. This white part is referred to as the sclera, hence the name black sclera. A variation on these special effects contact lenses are pitch black contact lenses. The pitch black part not only refers to the intense black coloring but also to the fact that the entire of the eye is covered, so totally black or pitch black.

Very often these type of theatrical contact lenses are mirrored contact lenses . In essence it means that when you look at the wearers eyes the only thing you see is the reflection of yourself. Obviously then these are pitch black mirrored contact lenses.

Theatrical scary contact lenses

You are not restricted to the black colored contacts only. Another very popular variation on these are silver colored contacts. These equally scary contact lenses are similar to the ones worn by Vin Diesel in the film Chronicles of Riddick. Stunning visual impact is available with many different style and colors of contact lenses, typically worn for theatrical effect.

Costume contact lenses and movie contact lenses

So whether you want these special effects contacts for public appearances, participation in stage or screen shows or just for fun, sclera contact lenses can provide a futuristic appearance to any costume. Depending on the manufacturer, these contacts as well as others featuring colors and special designs are made for cosmetic purposes only, and few are designed to help correct any vision loss.

Theatrical contact lenses such as these became mainstream due to their use as movie contact lenses. So visually stunning were these colored contacts that the demand for availability to the general public just mushroomed to a whole new level.Futuristic films often depict characters with unusual eye color or with shapes on their eyes and silver and black contact lenses are most often used to provide a robotic or zombie type quality to characters. These type of movie contact lenses can also be used to provide the effect that a person has that eerie, vacant type look, you know that dreadful blank stare.

Whilst it might appear that these colored contacts are blocking all vision, sclera contact lenses do not detract from the wearer's ability to see in the least. The only problem would be is if the person wears corrective lenses as these particular cosmetic contact lenses do not provide any corrective powers. It will look as though you shouldn't be able to see but they are in fact clear from your end. You wear them just like normal contacts except they have a complete mirror image.

Popular Halloween contacts

Halloween in particular is a very popular time of year that people may opt for black sclera contact lenses or other costume contact lenses.

Gothic contact lenses and vampire contact lenses

If movie contact lenses drove a high demand for special effects contacts like Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses it was nothing to what happened with movies like The Vampire Diaries, The Lost Boys and of course Twilight.

The demand for vampire contact lenses and Gothic contact lenses has just reached an all time high and their popularity shows no sign of decreasing any time soon.

Buying contact lenses has never been easier than now due to the internet. However, like most things , there are advantages and disadvantages. In this case it is very important to buy from reputable online retailers.

Don't make your decision to buy black sclera contact lenses, or indeed any special effects contact lenses, based purely on price. It is possible to buy colored contacts where the quality is high and the price is fair. There are several reputable online sites where special effects contact lenses can be purchased.

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