Gothic Contact Lenses -Vampire Contact Lenses-Scary Contact Lenses

Gothic contact lenses,these crazy colored contacts are always popular for their vampire special effects at any time not just Halloween

Costume Gothic Contact Lenses

These often scary contact lenses are the unique and quiet impressive way of spicing up that Halloween costume of yours. They are this must have product for changing your every day look to adding that little something extra to your costume, with so many different designs you can find a use for them in any sort of social environment.

As the name suggests these special fx contact lenses are vey spooky and unique and sometimes even descriptive of the darker nature! There are many different types of gothic lenses including vampire contact lenses, dark mirrored contact lenses and even some wacky contact lenses could be described as gothic.

More than Halloween contact lenses, scary black sclera contact lenses

These theatrical contact lenses can be seen everywhere especially in movies, take Edward Cullen or Laurent in the smash hit 'Twilight' with their dark and kind of evil scary eyes, these are all the special effect of gothic contacts. These unique new brand of the fashion contact lenses really have opened up so many options its endless. There are black, red, mirrored contact lenses, vampire contact lenses,pitch black contact lenses the list goes on, they really are the ideal way to spice up any costume not just a Halloween one!

Even if your not dressing up this Halloween probably feel its to much effort, but we all know somebody who is always trying to make themselves a bit more unique why not suggest scary contact lenses, or for even somebody in a pageant or play of some sort these are just the ideal way to liven up any costume! Anybody whether they are dressing up as Riddick or maybe even Edward Cullen will find a use for these crazy contact lenses. You don't even have to be dressing up as some one of the 'Darker side' to use these special fx contact lenses, maybe you just want to stand out from the crowd what a better way than having unique eyes that will have every body talking or if that is not you, you'll probably know somebody who wants just that!

Care of special effect contact lenses

When purchasing eye wear of any sort make sure you contact your eye specialist. You wil have seen these theatrical contact lenses for sale everywhere , as they are always a big hit, but make sure you get fitted for them properly and as with anything, if it doesn't fit properly it will cause discomfort, but more than this contact lenses can damage your eyes if not properly prescribed or fitted!

With the ever growing demand for special effects contact lenses and gothic contact lenses in particular you are sure to find a new and exciting pair to suit

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