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Burberry reading glasses come from a company that offers a range of designer eyewear along other collections of accessories for all genders. Since this is designer eyewear that most people envy and want to get several of them the prices are also on the higher end for most shoppers though with promises of getting quality for the money spent.

Buying glasses online offers very good value in designer eyewear as these online stores do not have most of the massive overheads that offline stores have to deal with.

For instance, the BE1135 is designed for men and comes in a metallic frame. The wearer can adjust the nose pads to conform to the size of the bridge making it one of the wise choices in case a person is not sure about the appropriate size. It has rectangular lenses and thick temples that reduce as they extend to the temple tips. The wearer can choose gold, orange or gray colored frames for this eyewear. One of the thick framed spectacles that is ideal for women is the BE 2073 3006 readers. It is made of plastic, which ensures a lightweight that is comfortable for the wearer and it has a shiny violet color. The selling price for this model is about $159. Men can opt for the BE 2027 3054 pair of Burberry glasses that comes in the striking yellow Havana color.

It has a thick plastic frame and costs about $164. All Burberry readers bear the company's logo engraved on the frame so that the buyer can identify the designer pairs from the fakes. The BE 1068 has a choice of dark brown color on the steel frame. It has a thin strip of eye rim holding the almost rectangular lenses into position. The retail price for this pair is about $133.95 and it is available in one size in relation to the eye size, the bridge and the lenses.

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Choosing the BE 1081 model gives the wearer a thin piece of eye rim attached to thick temples that narrow down towards the temple tips. Most of the suppliers of this company's products offer frames so that the customer can fit their prescription lenses or vary the lens they want on the pair. This is in a bid to customize the design to conform to the customer's needs. There is a range of green spectacles for men from this company.

For instance, the BE 1144 1079 pair, which has a lens that can be customized to fit the strength needed by the wearer. The frame is made of gunmetal and the package comes with a lens case and cloth for storage. When a person wants a customized lens, it is wise to go for an eye check to determine the eye problem, or to send the strengths of the current lens the person is using. The customization aspect of Burberry reading glasses make them unique unlike other types of eye wear that adopts general strengths without considering the user's input.

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