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Color contacts,Special effects contact lenses,halloween contacts,cheap contacts gothic,mirrored,vampire,scary,theatrical,riddick,wacky,costume contact lenses. These are only a small fraction of the amount of options you have when it comes to buying designer contact lenses. The variety is huge and so is the competition between retailers, especially online. there has never been a better time to be buying eye care related goods. The advantages are all with the consumer.

Color contacts are by far the most popular in the recent craze for cosmetic contact lenses. These colored contact lenses come in three different forms:

Visibility tint:

A very light tint added to the contact lenses just so you can see the lens better.

Enhancement tint:

This will change your eye color as the name suggests it enhances your natural eye color more suitable to the person with lighter colored eyes.

Color tint:

This type of tint is more suitable as colored contact lenses for dark eyes as they are quite strong color lenses.

Designer contact lenses lenses have many different variations which include theatrical contact lenses, vampire contact lenses; wacky contact lenses even vampire contact lenses! All these special effect contact lenses have one common trait and that is the centre of them is clear so it will not affect your vision!

One of down sides of these colored contacts is that when you enter a dark space like a room for example your iris gets bigger and sometimes this will affect your vision. If your vision is affected and the colored contact lenses cause irritation you should seek medical advice immediately as persistent irritation could cause long term effects!

With color contact lenses you should take great care of them, always wash and dry your hands before and after use, always use proper cleaning agents and never share them with anyone the FDA did not regulate colored contact lenses as medical devices for no reason!

Cosmetic Designer contact lenses

There is such vast amount of options when it comes to picking cosmetic contact lenses that the first time user might be taken aback and even put of by all the options which often pose questions such as 'how do I know this will suit me?', 'will it attract unnecessary attention?', 'what sort of price are they?'. A few things to take into consideration is your eye color, if you have darker eyes you will need darker contacts, and vice versa, so people will notice the color.

If you do not want to attract too much attention by just brightening up your eyes a little bit try an enhancement tint if you want a really striking effect try a color tint. You might also want to take into consideration your skin tone and if you wear make up for what color you want to choose. Once you have taken all these factors into consideration you should have no problem choosing the right colored contact for your every day needs.

Special effect contact lenses

With the constant changes in fashion and technology, color contacts are only going to become more and more prominent in everyday wear and with the increase in demands there is always going to be new products on the market so if you cant find the right colored contacts for you now, you will very shortly!

Gothic contact lenses

Gothic contact lenses appeal not only to lovers of the Goth style or vampire fans but are also very popular Halloween contact lenses and are a great idea as cosmetic contacts. Read more about these designer contact lenses Gothic contact lenses

Vampire contact lenses

Would you like to take your Vampire costume to a whole new level?, if so you are not alone as these crazy contacts are extremely popular for the style of special effects they create, read more about Vampire contact lenses

Mirrored contact lenses

Mirrored contacts are still very popular costume contact lenses since they appeared in the 'Chronicles of Riddick' film. These theatrical contact lenses are very scary contact lenses, read more about Mirrored contact lenses

Pitch Black Contact Lenses

Pitch black contact lenses, scary contact lenses like Riddick contacts, black scelera contact lenses are now more than Halloween contacts,the Lost Boys,Twilight,True Blood have brought designer contact lenses such as these special fx theatrical contact lenses to a new level. These designer contact lenses are increasingly popular. Pitch Black Contact Lenses

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