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Brooks Brothers cheap eyeglasses is one of the most popular products from the Brooks Brothers that was established in 1990. It was a subsidiary of Marks and Spencer. The company started out with the brands roaring success in 1989 with rapidly growing sales. Joseph Gromek then became the new Chief Executive Officer of the fast growing company. This was when the designer eyewear collection was launched by the company.

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The designer brand was rolled out keeping in mind the needs of the urban crowd with its constant need for a change in style. This was the period which brought out the importance of colors for the brand. In every new product, whether it is clothing or accessories such as eyeglasses, new colors were seen in the most creative forms. These products included blue sports jackets, handkerchiefs in all kinds of bright yellows and gingham shirts in purple. Their designer eyewear was also on a great advertising spree along with the other products. The stores were well illuminated with bright display windows to bring out the fashionable products into the market.

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The best feature of the eyewear collection of Brooks Bothers is that they are very economical and stylish at the same time. The obviously high quality, well-balanced and the strong structure of the frames and classic style are the hallmarks of the eyeglasses. The shapes are quite subtle and the frames are light weight. The frames are a perfect fit and the comfort level is excellent. The anti-reflective technique is also being used in the eye glasses. In this manner a lot of protection is guaranteed by the designers.

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In its initial phase of introduction into the marketplace, the eyeglasses were being manufactured specifically to cater to the needs of the older men, but now the collection has started featuring various styles of eyeglasses for women and younger men. It is currently doing a great job catering to their needs of eyesight correction, comfort and durability and today, this eyeglasses designer brand has made a place for itself in people's hearts.

The eyewear collection allows men and women both to express their style freely and to the extent of their satisfaction. The eyeglasses have a serious look that makes the collection distinctive. Men identify with the brand more than women because of the obvious reasons. The designs are more masculine looking and feature a bold and daring approach that appeals to the men. Recently, the introduction of these eyeglasses for women raised a lot of expectations and the eyewear collection for women too has gained momentum since then. People almost every time find the eyeglasses that suit their need in terms of the size they want, the color that they wish to wear and the shape that will suit the shape of their face. Specific requirements are catered for because of the wide variety that Brooks Brothers eyeglasses gives its customers.

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