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Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer who was born on July 11th, 1934. He is the man behind the well established fashion brand Giorgio Armani. After designing men's wear in 1961 for Nino Cerruti, his partner Sergio Galeottin urged him to think about launching his own fashion collections.

Emporio Armani Designer Wear

Finally in 1970 the company Giorgio Armani was founded which catered to the fashion needs of men. Following this a women's designer fashion wear was also launched in the next year. The beginning itself was full of some dynamic patterns of clothes. Its initial success paved way for the brand to expand into many countries Armani now has an exclusive network of retail shops all over the world. Manufacturing and distribution has also been in full swing with its other fashion products, which include cosmetics, watches, lifestyle products, perfumes, jewelry and eyeglasses.

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The products of Emporio Armani were comparatively more affordable than the others. These included products such as perfumes, clothes and eyeglasses. Emporio eyeglasses have been very popular among the younger crowd for this very reason. The collection is quite catchy and is at the higher end compared to Armani exchange. The use of material in the Armani frames is also excellent. Each pair of Armani glasses has a sense of individuality to it. Not even one pair of eyeglasses is like the other. This is the best part about the Armani eyewear collection.

Armani has introduced several brands such as Armani Casa, Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni, A/X Armani Exchange and Armani Junior. Emporio Armani was created specifically to attract the younger generation.

Emporio Armani Glasses and Safilo Eyeglasses

The collaboration between Armani and Safilo in 2003 gave worldwide exposure to both the Emporio and Giorgio Armani eyewear collection. Anti-reflective and polarized polycarbonate lenses are used in the Armani line. The temples of these frames are made of steel making the eyeglasses very light and comfortable. The steel used is Nickel free and therefore it makes the eyeglasses hypoallergenic. With 100 percent UV protection the eyeglasses frames are available in refreshing colors and shapes.

Armani Glasses Frames

The signature designer eyewear of Armani was also launched with 'The Aviator' for Leonardo de Caprio. These are available in retail outlets in many color combinations such as gun metal and dark gray, gold and green as well as an elegant combination of gold and brown. Armani eyeglasses help you express your sense of freedom because of its contemporary look. High fashion designs and youthfulness is something that Armani eyeglasses stand for. There are some brilliant tones which range from bright orange hues to cool green ones.

People find a lot of comfort and an iconic look with Armani eyeglasses. The coming of age sense of style has attracted many towards the brand. People no longer treat prescription eyeglasses with a depressed outlook but look forward to the whole idea of wearing some designer fashion glasses.

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Armani has made its collection of eyewear wearable yet kept the fashion sense intact. The craftsmanship and material used truly enhances the quality of each and every pair. The growth of the brand has been quite dramatic because the eyewear has been quite attractive since the very beginning.

An eye for detail and attention to excellent quality has led to the immense success of the Armani eyewear. Add this to the fact that they are often offered as discounted cheap eyeglasses at eyeglasses stores online and you are getting some serious bang for your buck. Buying Armani designer eyeglasses online at such stores is the ideal way to get designer eyewear reasonably cheap.

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