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These very cool sunglasses have been a part of the fashion world since 1991. The Black Fly Sunglasses are manufactured at Irvine, California and have been made under the various socio-cultural influences. The designs draw their inspiration not only from the domestic fashion circle but also from the cultures around the world. Perhaps the mixture of the diverse culture gives the sunglasses the edge and leaves its users craving for more.

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Black Flys sunglasses are by thought by some as one of the best shades available in the market with stylish designs, sleek classic shapes, and futuristic wrap around. These shades are tech-savvy and boast of the highest quality material. Black Fly Sun glasses mostly use nylon frames which are wrapped around a wire core and help to keep the shape intact under any circumstances. The nylon used to make the frames is of highest quality whereas the lenses are made of special optical polycarbonate material.

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These lenses are made in accordance to the ANSI standards for impact/shatter resistance and provide its users 100% UVB and UVA protection. These sunglasses have handmade frames with face-hugging contours and have precision-milled self locking screws. The Black Fly is iconic in their designs and thoughts as they continue to make a big splash in the fashion world.

There are several models available and you can choose anyone of them depending upon your budget and requirement. They are reasonably cheap sunglasses. These designer sunglasses have a range glasses styles specifically made for both men and women, which you would definitely like to see and buy.

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They have also introduced a range of sunglasses for kids keeping in mind the delicate facial contours of the children. If you are a guy and wish to try something macho then go for the Metal Mach Fly which is available in chrome, gun metal, and silver. Some of the other models which are equally good created for men would include the Hi Fly, Fliami Vice Polarized, Louis Flytton, and Flyspace. The range for men starts from $50 and goes up to $500.

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Black Flys Sunglasses also have a range for women called the 'Girls Sunglasses' These shades are cool, cute, and stylish and are especially designed for women who want to stand out in the crowd and look aesthetically different. If you want to have a royal feel then you can bet on the model Royal Flyness to deliver the exact look you desire. If you want to sport a funky look then the Snow Fly or Cosmo Fly is what you need to complete your look. These are definitely designer sunglasses at discount prices

All the shades are very reasonably priced and they range anywhere from $50 to $150. Fly Fatale and Fly Cute are some of the latest models added to the girls section of Black Fly Sunglasses. These designs are artistically crafted to make anyone look stunning and gorgeous.

If you desire something different and wish to find designer sunglasses at discount prices, perhaps the Black Fly sunglasses are the best choice. It is unique, hardy and sexy looking at the same time.

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