Pitch Black Contact Lenses -Mirrored Movie Contact Lenses

Pitch black contact lenses, scary contact lenses like Riddick contacts, black scelera contact lenses are now more than Halloween contacts,the Lost boys,Twilight,True Blood have brought special fx theatrical contact lenses to a new level.

Movie contact lenses

Originally inspired by the movies and mainly used as Halloween contacts they are increasingly being worn at times other than Halloween.

A pitch black contact lens or scary contact lenses like Riddick contacts,or black sclera contact lenses are now more than Halloween contacts,the Lost boys,Twilight,True Blood have brought special fx theatrical contact lenses to a new level.

Special effects pitch black contact lenses were originally theatrical contact lenses

Special effects contact lenses are growing in popularity. Generally speaking pitch black mirrored contact lenses are the more expensive side of the range of scary contact lenses that are available.

Movie contact lenses such as mirrored contact lenses as worn by Riddick in the Chronicles of Riddick, as seen in Twilight, the Lost Boys, True Blood and many other movies has taken the demand and subsequently the range of theatrical contact lenses to a whole new level.

Vampire contact lenses and gothic contact lenses

Black colored contacts have always been reasonable popular but in recent years the success of movies based on Vampire and Gothic themes has taken the demand to a whole new level. The range of options has increased to satisfy the demand for Gothic contact lenses and Vampire contacts in particular.

Special fx vampire contacts

This is because in the movies when vampires are looking to feast their eyes turn absolutely jet black. Hence the need for pitch black contact lenses. The other colors used as vampire contact lenses arose from the need to reflect the changing mood of the vampire. These are also extremely popular as gothic contact lenses

So when a vampire has just had a fill of human blood the eye coloring changes to a vibrant red. Hence, the need for red colored contacts. If a vampire has feasted on the blood of something other than human, eye coloring takes an orange tinted glow.

Scary Black sclera contact lenses

With sclera contact lenses the entire of the eye is covered by the contacts. This includes the white portion of the eyes, which is called the scelera. As noted before sclera contacts are now available in colors other than black.

Buying scary mirrored contact lenses

Whilst these are obviously scary contact lenses and most certainly do create special effects, just a word of caution. Always, makes sure that you buy contact lenses of reputable suppliers and always follow the guidelines for the usage and care of your lenses. Once you do that there is no reason why you should not be able to get great enjoyment from wearing your black contact lenses.

The range of costume contact lenses is increasing every year but unfortunately so are the amount of dodgy suppliers. There are companies that specialize in creating special fx theatrical contact lenses and amongst those the prices are reasonably competitive.

Cheap wild crazy contact lenses but safe

They are not so expensive that you need to take risks, you can buy quality reasonably cheap crazy contact lenses so whatever kind of colored contacts you want to purchase it is always best to buy from the best known suppliers. For genuinely scary contact lenses, it is hard to beat pitch black contact lenses and the only price you should pay should be in money and not the health of your eyes.

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