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Get cosmetic colored contact lenses ranging from color enhancement to costume contact lenses for any occasion or event.

Cosmetic contacts

Cosmetic colored contact lenses are colored contacts that are aimed at changing the users appearance rather than helping with visual difficulties. These colored contact lenses are available in three different groups, with each group having its own strength of coloring.

You could simply opt to enhance your natural eye color if you feel that they are too light, or you could be more daring and totally change your eye color. Many wearers of colored contacts like these go a step further and use contact lenses that have very bold coloring such as vampires or even support their local team by wearing NFL contact lenses with their teams colors/logo. Whichever way you decide to go you will have plenty of choice.

The 3 main types of cosmetic contact lenses are as follows, enhancement tints, visibility tints and opaque color tints. When these color contacts do not have the ability to increase your vision abilities they are known as Plano.

Colored contact lenses with visibility tints are mainly aimed at helping the user see the contacts a little bit more clearly, as this helps in inserting and removing the contact lenses. Usually the color tints that are added are green or blue.

The job of enhancement tint is that of changing your eye color. There are many options available, so if you are looking for colored contacts for dark eyes they are available and equally so are colored contact lenses for light eyes. Baby blue colored contacts are one of the most popular choices amongst cosmetic colored contact lenses.

Special effects contact lenses

If you want to go a step further then you should consider the opaque color tints. These type of special effects are more normally considered to be costume contact lenses. These are usually made of solid colors and patterns. Color contacts like these come in a huge selection of designs and colors. Of course you can find the more normal standard colors but it is in the area of the more outrageous designs and colors that these cosmetic colored contacts are so popular.

No matter what colored contacts you are looking for you are sure to find something that suits you out of some of the options listed below.

Gothic cosmetic colored contact lenses

Gothic cosmetic colored contact lenses are visually stunning and ever popular. These movie contact lenses as seen in True Blood, Twilight etc. make a massive statement and offer many choices. Gothic contact lenses or vampire contact lenses give you a chance to wear stunning costume contact lenses that not only just match your clothes but also your mood!

Wild crazy contact lenses

If you are looking to be just plain wild crazy, then there are wild crazy colored contact lenses as well! From animal eyes to crazy hypnotic swirls to mirrored contact lenses to black sclera contact lenses and everything in between. These cosmetic colored contacts can be just plain wacky or downright scary contact lenses

So as you can see, the choices are all yours. From the more basic subtle change of eye color to the special effects type of cosmetic contact lenses, there is something for everyone. A vast selection of colors, a vast selection of prices and a vast selection of retailers fighting over your business. This is great news for the buyer of cosmetic colored contact lenses. So, no matter how you get them, whether it is free trial color contact lens or custom made, you are the winner!

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