Prescription Safety Glasses Don't Have to Look Industrial

You're going to need prescription safety glasses if you work in a difficult environment, but need eye correction. The good news is that there are now hundreds of beautifully made designer safety glasses, so you can be fashion-conscious, and still work in perfect safety.

What to Look For in Designer Safety Glasses

If you work for a company in many potentially hazardous fields, including the medicine, science, technology, manufacturing or construction industries, then your employer is required to provide you with adequate eye protection.

"Adequate" is not usually a synonym for "attractive"! If you're one of the people who must wear corrective 1.25 reading glasses other corrective eyewear, such as contact lenses, then you have several options available to you in your place of work:

  • You could have corrective laser eye surgery, to permanently fix your vision and remove the need to wear corrective eyeglasses
  • You could choose to wear contact lenses beneath non-prescription safety goggles or other protective eyewear
  • You could choose a pair or prescription safety glasses, or designer safety glasses with prescription lenses fitted

If you choose to wear safety glasses with prescription lenses, then you need to know more about what to look for.

Don't compromise your looks because you work in a dangerous environment.

Designer safety reading glasses protect you and look great.

These special forms of safety eyewear are a combination of the eyeglasses that you already wear to see better, and traditional, non-prescription safety goggles or glasses. The safety glass is fitted with your personal prescription. Designer frames can make you look great, too. Check out these amazing looks on

Issues With Non-Prescription Safety Eyewear

In some environments, people attempt to get the eye protection they need by wearing goggles over top of their regular glasses. While this may work, and may even be a requirement in some shops, this solution is not without its own, unique complications.

To start with, wearing goggles in addition to regular glasses is not always the most comfortable way to work. Some goggles simply don't fit well over top of eyeglasses, or the extra heat makes your prescription eyeglasses steam up.

Unfortunately, some people end up sacrificing one for the other. They either stick with goggles alone, which means they aren't seeing as well as they should, or they skip wearing the goggles, which can lead to serious eye injuries on the job.

Prescription Safety Eyeglasses Are a Better Solution

To avoid these kinds of sacrifices on the job, a prescription solution is in order. With prescription safety eyeglasses, all the needs of the wearer are met. These glasses are constructed with special safety-rated lenses, which are tough enough to protect the eyes from flying debris or shock.

There are even wrap-style prescription glasses that provide protection on the side of the eyes, in addition to the front. These glasses offer a total range of protection that regular eye wear simply can't match.

There are plenty of choices with prescription safety eyeglasses from the the different brands, such as Uvex Glasses, Crews Glasses, Oakley safety glasses, and others. Buying glasses online offers you a far greater range of prices and styles, ensuring that you can get quality but also Cheap Safety Glasses.

Staying Safe on the Job with Prescription Safety Glasses

It's vital for workers to take care of their eyes on the job. Companies that understand how crucial this kind of protection is often offer special rates through their optical plans, to provide the right kind of eye protection for their workers who wear prescription eyewear.

Many companies even have provisions to totally cover the costs of these safety glasses. Workers should check their insurance details, or speak with someone in their human resources department, to see what kind of safety eye wear provisions they can get from their employers.

There are industry regulations and specific criteria that employers must adhere to when it comes to protecting their employees. The two main standards are ANSI safety glasses and OSHA safety glasses.

Protective Eyewear For Home Use

If you do any kind of car work, woodworking, DIY home repairs, or other hobbies or activities at home that could potentially injure your eyes, you should wear the right kind of protective eyewear during these kinds of activities.

Protecting your eyes at home is your responsibility. Take the necessary steps to get prescription safety glasses for at-home use too. Don't leave your vision to chance. Keep your eyes protected during any activity that could potentially cause a serious injury to your eyes by wearing RX safety glasses.

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