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Oakley Safety Glasses are high end designer safety glasses with ANSI standard as minimum

Stylish protective Oakley Safety Glasses

For years Oakley has been making some of the most popular, stylish sunglasses in the world. They are well known for giving athletes attractive designer safety glasses, and have built a solid reputation for their quality and style. As word got around about how good Oakley safety glasses were, a new challenge was presented to them - How to design stylish safety glasses for the industrial sector. Since Oakley was already the go-to choice for sports safety eyewear, it only made sense that they quickly began to produce some of the most sought-after industrial safety glasses shortly thereafter. To get to the top in the industrial industry, Oakley used their time-tested formula for success.

Fashionable lightweight design

Oakley glasses have always been known for their lightweight design. Since they produced glasses for athletes for years, they had to come up with the lightest frames around. Heavy bulky glasses just won't do on the field of competition, and they won't do in the work place either. That's why Oakley stuck to their guns and made sure that all of their safety glasses stayed lightweight, comfortable to wear and sporty looking. You can tell Oakley glasses at one glance. Since they are such a popular brand people immediately gravitate toward them when they buy safety glasses.

Shock tested and ANSI standard

The ANSI safety glasses code is not a problem for these designer glasses.Oakley know that protective eyewear must to be able to withstand shock. This is true for athletics and for the industrial realm. Oakley makes all of their glasses to withstand heavy shock. If you buy a pair of Oakley glasses for work or to protect your eyes during a hobby, you'll get a pair of glasses that are tough, durable and built to last. Oakley understands how impact can severely affect a pair of glasses, so they engineer all of their safety glasses to take a beating if necessary, while still providing the best in eye protection.

Combination of style and cutting edge technology

While the quality and level of protection that safety glasses from Oakley are important, perhaps what sets them apart from the competition the most is their style. When you put on a pair of safety glasses made by Oakley, you're not putting on just any old pair of safety glasses. Oakley glasses all have a sense of style that is simply superior to the other brands on the market today. Some people love the way their Oakleys look so much that they wear them even when they don't need eye protection, because they look great no matter what you're wearing or what you're doing.

If you want safety glasses that give you the right level of protection, while still being well constructed and attractive, you can't go wrong with safety glasses from Oakley. There's more than one reason that Oakley is known as the gold standard for eyewear. Their designs are among the coolest and their reputation for quality is peerless. You don't have to settle for the same-old-same-old when you buy safety glasses, not if you choose a cool pair of Oakleys, that is.

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