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Stylish protective eyewear

Designer safety glasses are becoming very popular with workers and active hobbyists all over the world. As people realize the importance of keeping their eyes protected, it's only natural that they would seek out safety glasses and goggles. For years, though, safety glasses weren't all that stylish. There were very few styles available, and they all looked very much the same.

Over the years, though, some companies began offering more choices and better looking safety glasses. Today, it's not unusual at all to find safety glasses that look like the most popular types of sunglasses. Many people don't even realize that the cool shades they bought are actually safety glasses too.

Who designs these cool safety glasses?

The better safety glasses are so widely available these days, that you don't have to look far to find a pair from the best designers. Many folks have wondered what brands make the popular brands of safety glasses, and, truth be told, there are literally dozens of companies that do. Here are a few of the better known providers of high style safety glasses:

  1. Crews Glasses
  2. Uvex Glasses
  3. Oakley Glasses
  4. Edge Glasses
  5. Smith and Wesson Glasses
  6. AOS Glasses
  7. Gateway Glasses

These designers are really just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many companies offering stylish safety glasses that several pages could be used just to list them all. From motorcycle enthusiasts to winter sports athletes, there are specialized safety glasses for every type of leisure activity or sport.

Many of these same safety glasses are also ANSI compliant, so they are safe for use in the workplace too. If you've felt apprehensive about wearing safety glasses in the past, due to the styles and lack of choices, you don't have to worry any more. There are dozens of styles from lots of different companies. With so many choices there is bound to be a pair that not only protects your eyes, but keeps you looking great too.

What to look for in designer safety glasses

When you're on the hunt for good looking safety glasses, you should have some criteria to consider in regard to safety. Think about the activities you are involved with or the kind of work that you do. If there is a persistent threat of eye injury, you may want to get safety glasses with side guards, or in a wraparound style. These types of features help to give your eyes an all-the-way-around protection that standard glasses can't offer.

Think, too, about the thickness of the lenses on the safety glasses you are buying. If you are getting glasses for work, they should have lenses that are about 3 mm in thickness in order to be ANSI compliant. If you have questions about the standards at your job, ask a safety supervisor for more information.

No matter what type of designer safety glasses you choose, you're sure to find a pair that is perfect for you. To save money on your purchase, you should check out some of the online retailers. They typically offer prices that are much lower than the eyewear stores and big chain stores.

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