1.25 Reading Glasses and Fun Cool Reading Glasses

Wearing 1.25 reading glasses can be stylish. Jimmy Crystal, ICU, Peepers means these are funky, fun, cool reading glasses.

1.25 reading glasses relate to the strength the spectacles offer. This is the range of diopter strength the individual needs in order to get clearer prints. The strengths increase from 1.00 upward and you can get a person using the 4.00 eyewear. In essence, to understand the magnification range the pair offers, it involves subtracting one from the strength and turning the remainder into a percentage. Therefore, if a person uses this diopter strength, he or she requires eyewear that magnifies to 25 percent.

There are so many brands of cheap designer eyewear that are available in this strength. Some of them are funky while other adopt a conservative look tat was common in previous years. The choice depends with the individual's personality, the environments he or she is using the pair such as in school, at work, and the facial features because some of the designs may not work well with a variety of faces. Most importantly, the person should look at the price.

One of the more fun reading glasses in 1.25 glasses for women has the Jimmy Crystal logo. The Jimmy Crystal red Swarovski crystal readers GL 314A has a metallic frame and to make durable, a red plastic coating is used on top. The oval shaped lenses join at the bridge that is curved slightly upwards to give space for any nose bridge. This accommodates various sizes of nose bridges. The embellishments cover the front frame up to the temples and the glittering effect produced will light up any face. Other designs by the same brand have colors such as white, pink, turquoise and purple.

Funky fun 1.25 reading glasses

A pair of fun reading glasses that retails for about $9 offers the wearer a rimless frame with clear magnifying lenses. In addition, the lenses do not distort meaning that the optical vision provided be accurate without obstructions on the lens.

This pair is light in weight and comes with a safety case for storage purposes. In addition, there is also the choice of Peepers mosaic blue and coral green readers that have rectangular lenses. This pair retails for about $18 and it is light in weight with spring hinges. The color quality of this piece is outstanding and it blends in well since they are cool colors.

If a person wants more style and creativity, the pink rhinestone readers can fit the part. They have rhinestones lining the rounded shape of the eye rims to give life to the pair. These are chic but cheap reading glasses and are more suitable for younger women. There are other rhinestone designs that have personalized designs on the temples to make the pair unique.

Other funky designs include ones from the ICU brand such as the full rectangle frame readers in tortoise lime. This eyewear costs $24 and it is a stylish pair for a person who loves color and distinct combinations.

The selection of 1.25 reading glasses is wide and they can be found from various brands and designs that allow the individual to vary the color, shape and even the material used such as metal, plastic or titanium.

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