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Crews Safety Glasses the Plus series and Value series of protective eyewear offer many choices.

Safety Eyewear with cutting edge design and protection

Crews safety glasses are changing peoples' expectations of what safety glasses are all about. If you think about it, the popular representation of safety glasses has always been one that is less than flattering or stylish. Of course, in the past, the biggest concern for most safety glasses manufacturers was simply designing and producing glasses and goggles that protected the eye. Well, the people at Crews have taken that mission one step forward and have created entire collections of safety glasses that offer great protection and stylish looks at the same time.

Designer Crews safety glasses

The Plus Series

One of the popular lines from Crews is called the "Plus Series". We can only assume that they mean safety plus great style, because the glasses in this line are some of the most stylish on the market. Each pair of glasses in the Plus Series offers an attractive, wraparound lens that offers your eyes the total coverage they need. These lenses aren't just any wraparounds, though, they are sleek and designed to look like the most popular styles of sport sunglasses available from high end designers. With the addition of features, like non-slip grips and shading for UV protection, it's easy to see why the Plus Series from Crews continues to be one of the most popular.

The Value Series

Another of the popular lines from Crews is the "Value Series". This line offers some great glasses at some unbeatable prices. Each pair of glasses from the Value Series is known for being extraordinarily comfortable and built for performance. The glasses provide a near total eye orbit enclosure that offers the ultimate in protection while on the job or at play. Some glasses in this line look more like traditional work glasses for factory or industrial environments, but even these models have a bit of style and flair that is often missing from work safety glasses. There's a pair of safety glasses to suit nearly every need and style in the Value Series.

Genuine Protective Eyewear

Crews prides their company on offering some of the safest glasses around too. It's easy to get caught up in how stylish and attractive their shades are, but it must never be said that they don't consider safety first, because they do. They even have total industrial lines of more intense eye and face protection for the most dangerous types of work. Yes, they make good looking, high quality glasses, but every pair is built on a foundation of safety and quality.

More than safety goggles

If you've always felt like you had to give up style the minute you put on a pair of safety glasses, you need to check out some of the popular lines from Crews. They are known all over the world for their designs, and you're sure to find something that will suit your style. Crews safety glasses are attractive, up-to-date and they offer the total eye protection you need to do your job safely.

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