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Designer Cutting Edge Safety Glasses and Top Notch Protection

Over the years a lot of different companies have tried their hands at making stylish safety glasses. Some have done well and some have failed. Of the successes, few can match Edge safety glasses, both in terms of the level of protection they provide and the cool styles that they offer.

As you know, safety glasses are more important now than ever before. Not that we didn't understand how important vision was generations ago, we just didn't have the foresight to get good protection for our eyes in the not too distant past. All of that has changed in the past few decades and people now understand that at work and at play our eyes need to stay well shielded from potential injuries.

When you hear the term "Edgy", as it pertains to style, you always think of something that is very progressive, hip and all the rage. Those terms could easily sum up the kinds of styles that Edge offers to their customers. Their safety glasses are simply not the ordinary fare.

Anyone, from extreme winter sports enthusiasts to hardworking landscapers can get top of the line eye protection, while still sporting some of the nicest looking, stylish glasses available. The designs from edge are the perfect accents to an active lifestyle and they can be worn around the clock, and in virtually any kind of setting. Whether your working hard or playing for keeps, Edge has protective eyewear that will satisfy anyone's sense of style.

Wraparound protective eyewear

Side shields are common on many types of protective eye glasses. In fact, side protection is one of the most crucial elements that make glasses really safe. As you know, debris and projectiles can come from virtually any angle, if your eyes are not protected at the sides, you are running a larger risk for serious optical injuries.

These types of injuries can be every bit as serious and painful as an injury that comes directly from the front, so side protection is vital. Instead of putting side shields on their more popular lines, though, Edge has implemented a wraparound style that offers full side protection without the blurred sense of peripheral vision that often comes with typical side shield models of glasses.

If you're competing at a sport or doing very intricate work, you can't afford to have your peripheral vision at anything less than its best, and the wraparound design of Edge glasses help you to avoid this problem completely.

Designer Safety Glasses Online

When you're shopping for glasses online, be sure to check out the wide variety of styles available from Edge. You're sure to find a model that is perfect for your own, unique sense of style. Edge safety glasses continue to grow in popularity because they offer ANSI compliant vision protection and deliver it with stylish designs that can't be beat.

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