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When employers are looking for protective eyewear that has cutting edge technology and is reasonably priced these are the designer of safety glasses that most turn to. These employers recognize the importance of offering eye protection for the well being of their employees. It's no coincidence, either, that Gateway Safety is the company of choice for obtaining crucial eye protection and safety gear. They've been making some of the most dependable, versatile and affordable safety gear and glasses for years. Of course, no company becomes a leader in safety glasses without knowing what they are doing. Gateway makes sure that their products live up to expectations.

Safe work environments-gateway an industry leader

Gateway makes more than just safety glasses. They also make other important safety gear for the workplace. As a result of all the work they've done over the years, they know the safety industry pretty well. As a result they know how to make their safety glasses geared toward the most necessary features. Every product they make is subject to rigorous standards and they make sure that they are going to work well for their customers.

The minimum design qualities offered by Gateway Safety Glasses

There are different types of vision/face protection needed, and it takes a company, like Gateway, who understands the different types of safety gear, in order to produce products with the right level of protection. Safety glasses have very specific criteria that they should meet before they are used at any type of job. Here are the specifics for most safety glasses from Gateway:

Protection from debris & flying particles. This is a very general condition that many types of jobs are subject to. Carpentry work, machine work and dealing with automobiles are common industries that need this very basic level of protection. Of course, these industries need more than simple shielding from debris and dust, but every pair of safety glasses that Gateway makes will include this basic protection.

Side Protection. Safety glasses must offer some level of shielding for the sides of your eyes. Not every bit of debris will come directly at your face; it's possible that a projectile piece of metal or other material could come at your eyes from the side. That's why Gateway puts side shields on their safety glasses.

These are a few of the basic guidelines that Gateway Safety Glasses adhere to. It takes a company that understands employee safety, inside and out, to offer products that will keep people protected at work. Gateway glasses have been recognized by thousands of companies for their high quality levels of protection. You can't afford to take the protection of your eyes lightly, Gateway makes quality safety glasses you can depend on.

Impact Protection. If something hard hits your glasses, the lenses must be able to withstand the impact without shattering. Gateway glasses have lenses that are made from polycarbonate, so they are built to withstand impact and protect your eyes.

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