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What to Look for in Safety Glasses

Keeping your eyes free from injury is not a matter to take lightly. We rely on our eyes, even if our eyesight isn't all it used to be.

Finding the right protective glasses is important to keep your eyes safe from harm. Whether you're working in an industrial setting as part of your job, or pursuing a hobby that could cause injury, your eyes need the right kind of protection.

There are lots of safety goggles and glasses to choose from. These products run the gamut from offering poor to no protection to being very protective and rated by safety organizations such as ANSI. The level of protection you need might vary from someone else, but one thing is for sure --- you need the right protection for your eyes!

What the experts say-Osha and ANSI approved

Since safety on the job is such a hot button issue, it's good to know what the experts in the field of labor safety say about getting the right kind of eye wear to keep your eyes protected. OSHA requires that all employers furnish the right kind of eye protection to their employees.

Since different industries have different kinds of risks, the type of protective eye wear varies quite a bit. One thing that experts agree on, aside from the different types of safety eye wear, is that over 90% of the injuries that happen at the work place could be avoided by using some form of eye protection.

No matter what kind of job you are working, you owe it to yourself to find out what type of protection you should get for your eyes.

Safety Goggles Provide a Strong Defense

There are lots of industries where flying debris always presents a serious risk to the eyes of employees. Protective goggles seem to be the most effective kinds of glasses to wear for safety against flying debris. One piece of metal, lumber or stone propelled through the air at a high velocity can easily cause serious injury.

Having a pair of goggles, even if you already wear protective glasses, can mean the difference between avoiding injury altogether and total loss of an eye.

If you work in any type of environment where debris may fly through the air, you need to double up your protection and get some professional quality goggles to provide a strong first line of defense for your eyes.

Protection and Style

Getting safety eyewear used to mean settling for less than the most stylish looking glasses. Today, however, there are many different styles available. If you like a particular type of sun-glass frame, you are probably going to be able to find something close to that style.

Nearly every type of industrial eye protection is up to OSHA standards, but you should dig a little deeper to find the type that is the most suitable for the activities that you engage in.

As you make decisions about safe eye wear, don't forget about protection from UV rays. If you work outside for part or all of your work day, you should get a pair of glasses that offer plenty of UV protection to prevent long term damage to your eyes.

Today's protective glasses are specialized and more protective than the eye wear from just a few years ago. You can find a wide range of styles and fits to get the perfect eye protection for your job or favorite hobby.

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