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Round Eyeglasses

Round reading glasses can be the perfect choice as both a fashion statement, and a functional tool to help you see better when you read. As you know, our eyes are often the first thing to begin to weaken when we get a bit older. In fact, people often have to use reading glasses in their mid to late thirties.

No one wants to struggle just to read a favorite book or to look at the morning newspaper, so getting a pair of reading glasses is s smart choice. While many people think that reading glasses make you look old and frumpy, there are many styles, shapes and colors available that can accentuate any style and make you look better than you ever imagined.

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A lot of people think that reading glasses are antiquated necessities that make you look older than you really are. A generation ago, this might have been true, as there wasn't much choice when the time came to purchase reading glasses. Today, however, there are so many styles available, that you might be surprised when you start looking for the perfect pair.

Designer Reading Glasses

All the colors of the rainbow, and then some, are available for your reading glasses. There are even glasses made by some of today's most distinguished fashion designers, so you know that you can find at least one pair that will look great on you. Before you decide on which glasses to get, though, you need to consider the shape of your glasses.

Round Reading Glasses and Designer Eyeglasses Frames

There are just as many shape decisions to make as there are color and style decisions. Reading glasses are available with round lenses, rectangular, angular, oval lenses and many more variations on the basic shapes. You could literally spend all day, just browsing glasses with different lens shapes. If you really want your reading glasses to look great, you need to consider which shape will look best on you. To do that you need to consider the shape of your face.

Funky Reading Glasses

Just like glasses, human faces come in a wide variety of shape. Round lenses are a popular choice for many people. It's generally agreed upon by stylists that round lenses should be worn by people who have sharper, more angular faces, or longer, straighter facial features. When someone with a particularly round face wears reading glasses with round lenses, the effect is a bit dramatic and tends to really increase how round that person's face is. For some people this isn't a big deal, but for others, choosing a different shape for their lenses may be a better decision.

Think in terms of creating contrast when you choose the shape of your reading glasses. You want the shape of the lenses to be very different from the shape of your face. Of course, this isn't a hard and fast rule, as other design elements, like size and color also play into the final visual effect when wearing reading glasses. Take everything into consideration and then choose the pair of glasses that you like the best.

Round glasses look especially nice when they are on rimless reading glasses. These types of reading glasses have a classic, modern appeal that is hard to beat.

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To find the perfect combination for your look, try browsing some of the eye-wear companies online for round eyeglass frames. You'll get a huge selection from the online stores that can't be matched by most local stores. You'll also find the lowest prices online too. That way you'll not only get the best looking round reading glasses, you'll probably save a lot of money too. Buying eyeglasses online is the way to go.

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