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Is buying eyeglasses online something you have thought about?. There is very little that cannot be bought at online stores, including contact lenses. Are there any serious issues with choosing eyeglasses from an online retailer?

Choosing eyeglasses on line is very convenient but you do need to know what you're looking for and of course you need to choose reputable retailers. The advantages of shopping online is even greater for those with hectic lifestyles and those who live in remote areas.

Whether or not buying eyewear online is less expensive isn't always as easy as choosing eyeglasses that cost the least. You have to spend time comparing prices to see if and where there are deals. With so many eyeglasses stores offering everything from cheap eyeglasses to cheap designer eyeglasses, the odds are certainly in your favor. One particular thing to pay attention to when buying eyeglasses online are the shipping and handling charges. Reputable stores will always be very clear on all the costs involved, if it is not immediately clear, then do not buy!

A few more things to be aware of are the following, 1. secure ordering, 2. access to customer service and a fair return or exchange policy. The retailers advertising on this site are the most reputable, so there won't be any of those issues, but it is always good to be aware of them when buying anything online.
Knowledgeable customer service personnel are essential to making sure you get the best buy eyeglasses for you. Choosing eyeglasses online and indeed, reading glasses online, can present you with several choices, 1. which type of eyeglass lens is best, 2. 'extras' like anti-glare protection etc.

Choosing Eyeglasses Online

Should you decide to buy eyeglasses online , here are a few tips:

1. Make sure you have a valid prescription for eyeglasses as you'll need it to place your order. If you don't have one or you think your vision may have changed since the date of your last prescription, have your eyes examined and get an updated prescription. Ask the eye doctor to measure your PD (pupillary distance) and include it on your prescription.

2. Familiarize yourself with your options before ordering. Understand the particular needs of your prescription as well as the different types of eyeglass lenses and coatings and frame styles. Sites that sell eyeglasses often have much useful information to assist you.

3. If you don't have it, you'll have to measure the distance between your pupils. This can be difficult, even for the experienced, but it's necessary to ensure your eyes end up looking straight at the center of the lenses on your new eyeglasses.

4. Choose your eyeglass lenses and preferred frame.

5. Head to the checkout area to complete the process of .

Choosing Eyeglasses Lenses and Reading Glasses When Buying Eyeglasses Online

When it comes to the actual lenses of your glasses, there is much more than meets the eye. If you think that eyeglass lenses contain a prescription and are shaped to fit within your chosen eyeglass frame, you'd be right because that's the way it's been for years. And while eyeglasses are great at correcting a multitude of vision problems, they offer even more benefits.

Of course, there's a price to be paid for these new and improved benefits, and the more you choose, the more your eyeglasses are going to cost. How do you know which eyeglass lenses are right for you?

Anti-reflective eyeglasses

Anti-reflective eyeglasses lenses are actually coated with metal oxides that improve vision by reducing glare and reflection. Reflections on the surface of an eyeglass lens can cause ghosting and eye strain. Anti-reflective coatings eliminate these problems and those that are caused by such things as oncoming headlights and fluorescent lighting reflecting off computer screens, two big sources of strain. These types are often referred to as computer reading glasses. These coatings also make glasses look better as the surface won't have that noticeable mirror effect.

High index eyeglasses

High index eyeglasses lenses eliminate the need for that horrendous bottom of the "Coca-Cola" bottle look. The rule of thumb has always been the stronger the eyeglass prescription, the thicker the eyeglass lens in order to accommodate the right amount of light bending. High index lenses changed that and their development enabled eyeglass frame manufacturers to begin creating extremely thin or rimless frames.

High index lenses made out of plastic are very light since less material is used in the construction of the lenses. These lenses can also be made from glass however, because glass is heavier, the end result won't be a lighter feeling lens. There is a range of high index lenses and understanding higher vs. lower index is a bit complicated, so it is best to let your eye doctor explain the differences. In general, higher indexes cost more and should be thinner. These eyeglass lenses also benefit from the addition of an anti-reflective coating which blocks less light.

Womens Rimless Beautiful Glitter Diamond Round Strars Temperament SunglassesWomens Rimless Beautiful Glitter Diamond Round Temperament Sunglasses

Photochromatic lenses

Photochromatic lenses change from regular clear lenses into dark-colored lenses, similar to that on sunglasses, when they are exposed to sunlight. The convenience of having '2 pair of eyeglasses in 1' is less expensive. Transitions lenses are the most familiar of this type of lens and they are available in practically every prescription and refractive index.

They offer full ultraviolet protection, too. The secret behind the color changing capability is silver halide which is mixed right into the lens when it's being created. In the early days, thicker parts of the lens resulted in darker areas, but this has been virtually eliminated with the introduction of polycarbonate and high-index lenses. Besides Transitions, many other companies offer some variation of the photochromatic lens. Corning, the original developer, has several styles including Thin & Dark and SunSensors, as well as the originals, PhotoGray and PhotoBrown.

Progressive reading glasses

Progressive reading glasses offer state-of-the-art vision correction capabilities. Most often prescribed to treat presbyopia, these lenses eliminate the need for the telltale horizontal lines that separates the different prescriptions. That's because of the unique mapping technology that positions the different prescriptions onto different areas of each lens.

Besides near distance and far distance prescription positioning, there can be an area in the center for intermediate vision. This area helps with the transition from near to far and vice versa and accomplishes this using a number of different curves that have been designed to blend together. A better understanding to this progressive technology has made custom-designing progressive lenses to fit a person's lifestyle much easier. And it has also helped manufacturers figure out how to fit so much capability into smaller eyeglass frames so that those with presbyopia, who tend to be older, can have eyeglasses with a more contemporary look. Expect an adaptation period and before ordering make sure you can exchange the lenses should you not be able to adjust.

Multifocal lenses

Multifocal lenses are yesterday's bifocal reading glasses and trifocals. As the name implies, multifocals have multiple focusing abilities and are commonly prescribed for activities such as reading and are also offered for use as computer eyeglasses. These lenses still have the telltale lines or curves that delineate the different prescriptions which is why more people are making the switch to progressive lenses. Bifocals offer near vision and distance vision correction, while trifocals include near, far and intermediate correction. Multifocal glasses are often prescribed when needed for specific job functions. As such, they're not generally designed to be worn daily - only when performing the specific task for which they were designed.

Polarized reading glasses

Polarized reading glasses block out damaging ultraviolet rays and enhance color, making these eyeglass lenses a good choice when driving. Colors are crisp and defined because they're not obstructed by the sun. Polarized lenses help reduce glare and haze, greatly improving visibility.

Polycarbonate lenses

Polycarbonate lenses are perfect when you need eyeglass lenses that are durable and offer built-in protection from damaging ultraviolet rays. Even though they are great at resisting impact, these eyeglass lenses are amazingly thin and weigh less that regular plastic lenses. Polycarbonate lenses get their strength from the manufacturing process which helps make the lens more flexible and less brittle. The material is not scratch-resistant however, and most manufacturers apply a coating to protect the lenses from this type of damage. Many parents choose this type of lens for their children as do those who participate in sports.

Tinted reading glasses

Tinted reading glasses are popular and are preferred by many for the fashion statement these eyeglass lenses make. Others choose tinted lenses to do double-duty as sunglasses. Once a tint is in place, it's there all the time, which is one way these lenses differ from photochromatic lenses. The tint can be solid or it can gradate from darker to light or vice versa. Tinting lenses involves submerging the eyeglass lenses into warm water that's been colored. In a process similar to dying Easter eggs, the longer the lenses remain in the colored water, the more enhanced the tint becomes. A tint can also be applied as a lens top coating.

Availing of Trendy Eyeglasses Styles When You Buy Eyeglasses Online

Clearly there are no shortage of choices of eyeglasses styles and functions so whether it's cheap reading glasses, designer reading glasses or eyeglasses with a very specific purpose such as computer eyeglasses, when you buy eyeglasses online the choices are all yours. There is extremely good value to be had when purchasing online and on this site you find lots of good information to help you find the best buy eyeglasses online.

The following link will help you with choosing eyeglasses frames so that when you are buying eyeglasses online that you know, not just which frames suit your particular shape of face but also frames styles that might also suit your personality or the impression you want to give to others.

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