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Low power reading glasses are in very high demand these days. As you know, people are using computers as a part of everyday life these days. Not only are computers frequently used in the workplace, they are also used a lot in the average home. All of that staring at screens and reading text, along with all of the other stress that we put on our eyes, can result in eye strain.

Computer Reading Glasses

It's not uncommon at all for people to have sore eyes, head aches and blurred vision after a long day or two of looking at a computer screen. Many people benefit greatly from getting glasses with low power magnification to give them the extra push they need to read and look at computer screens without straining their eyes.

Understanding magnification power

When you look through any pair of reading glasses, you are essentially viewing things through two magnifying glasses. Reading glasses are typically non-prescription, so they are not custom made for a particular eye condition; rather they are built to offer simple magnification to make reading a bit easier and less stressful on the eyes.

Typical reading glasses are magnified at about 2.0 to 2.5. This means that they magnify objects to roughly double size for reading needs. This is sufficient for many people, but a bit too much for lots of other people. Those who do not need this much magnification can often benefit from 1.0 magnification levels, typically found in low power glasses. This small amount of magnification can help people to see computers and printed text much clearer and reduce eye strain considerably.

Post Surgical Use for Low Power Reading Glasses

Cataract surgery and other forms of surgical procedures on the eyes can often leave eyes very sensitive and in need of minor magnification during the healing process. It's not unusual for doctors to have their patients wear low power glasses during the time that they are healing from surgery. This low level magnification gives weak, healing eyes the extra power they need to avoid being further strained immediately after a surgery. While this is not the most common scenario for people in search of low power glasses, it does help to understand how effective low power glasses can be for a wide variety of sight issues.

Buying Eyeglasses Online

Since so many people are turning to low power glasses to alleviate eye strain issues, the prices have been steadily rising in response to the surge in demand. You can spend a lot of money by going to the local eyeglass provider to buy your reading glasses, but you really don't have to overpay. Browse and compare glasses at a reputable eyeglass store online to find low prices on these popular reading glasses. Whenever there's heavy demand for a product, you can be sure that the online stores are going to do what it takes to get more customers. You will find everyday prices at online eyeglasses stores for reading glasses that are much cheaper than discount prices at the big stores.

Cheap Reading Glasses

You deserve to have the corrective lenses that you need. If low power reading glasses are what you need, be sure to shop for them at an online store to get the best selection, quality and price, including designer reading glasses.

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