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Hip-Hop community was completely changed when Cari Zalloni designed the two sunglasses he named Cazal 951 and 955. Cari Zalloni happens to be the chief designer of the brand Cazal. The brand Cazal was founded in 1975 which defined a fashion sense that was completely different from any of the other brands.

Cazal Cheap Designer Eyeglasses Frames

The two glasses were available in white, red, black and gold. Cari Zalloni has been a designer of some remarkable collections and has earned a great reputation over the years. The name of the brand itself comes from the shortened versions of his first and last names. The part 'Ca' comes from his name Cari and the part 'Zal' comes from his last name Zalloni.

Each and every frame in the Cazal eyewear collection has a unique design which attracts people. The frames are usually made of thin metallic forms which gives them a delicate look. Some of the eyeglasses are made in Titanium metal which is quite light and as a result the frames also tend to be light, making them a comfortable fit.

Celebrity Eyeglasses

A lot of celebrities and athletes wear the Cazal designer eyewear collection. The popularity of these relatively cheap designer eyeglasses continues to grow. Some of the eye glasses are quite bold and look aggressive. Some of these designer eyeglasses frames have stronger looking arms and are suitable for activewear.

Cazal Trendy Eyeglasses

The personal travels of Cari Zalloni all over the world are what inspire many of his designs. His designs help people define their personal style and add a different flavor to their appearance. The Cazal eyewear collection definitely are a visual delight and their exquisitely made decorative pieces are gaining popularity everywhere. China lacquers are used extensively in the eyeglasses. Its use is much more expensive compared to other enamels.This of course means that they could never be considered inexpensive eyeglasses or cheap eyeglasses, but for what you get for your money they definitely are cheap designer eyeglasses.

This is something which gives an amazing look to the eyeglasses. The brand has an inventive approach to the eyeglasses which makes sure that no design is made more than once. The use of colors is quite subdued and the collection mainly consists of browns, golden and blacks.

Choosing Cazal Eyeglasses

The brand employs many techniques to bring out styles in just the right manner. Some are color dipping and there are ways in which the frames are decorated using oil hued foils. Smudge marks are also made to achieve a new look and some frames have sprayed color on them. The technology which uses foil has been mastered over the years leading to some unimaginable patterns. The patterns are highly inspired by art because it is Cari's hand made designs which are used in all the eyeglasses.

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