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Cazal Sunglasses are named after the eyewear designer Cari Zalloni who designed his first two sunglasses in the late eighties. These Sunglasses came to be known as Cazal by combining the first syllables of the first and last name of the designer. Cari believed in aggressive styling, unparalleled craftsmanship, and impeccable detailing. Cari stated, "A designer eyewear line that pleases everyone is unlikely to inspire. Good design must be thought-provoking." The first two models to be launched were 951 and 955 and were marketed both nationally and internationally. Both the models were available in different shades of colors like white, blue, red, and gold.

Designer Eyewear

Cazal sun glasses are considered signature designer eyewear and designed by keeping in mind the personality of its wearer. They are luxurious eyewear which are worn to enhance the wearer's personal aura. These hot sunglasses are aesthetically designed giving them uniqueness in both style and design. These sunglasses are made in a most exquisite manner and some of its models have frames with three-layered 24-carat gold plating. This makes these fashion sunglasses look really classy as it adds elegance to the individual's personality.

These ultra cool sunglasses become an extension of the wearer's ensemble which makes them simply irresistible. The other parts of the sunglasses like the hinges, screws, pads, and lenses are made of high quality materials that are durable. Cazal sunglasses use china lacquers instead of enamels which are electro-coated on the frames. The finish of these glasses is flawless as an expensive varnishing procedure is used to color the frames.

Vintage Cazal Sunglasses

Cazal glasses are considered vintage sunglasses because of their exquisite workmanship and expensive procedures of manufacturing. If you like to give a royal look to your eyewear then these sunglasses are just perfect for you. There are various models available for you to choose from. Some of the best models are Cabal 195 and Cabal 958. These sunglasses have the Cazal logo at their hinges and double gold bars in the front. The frame has a round lens that gives it an entirely different look.

Some of the other models which are modern in their look with exciting textures are 8001, 951 Deluxe, model 9010.These are suitable for contemporary wear and give you the most sober and dignified look.

Cheap designer sunglasses online

If you are interested in designer sunglasses then you should think of buying this model of cool Cazal Shades. These shades are quite expensive and their cost ranges from approximately $45 to $4300. These sunglasses may appear to be a bit heavy on your pockets but when you consider the quality of the workmanship and the cache attached to this designer eyewear these are in fact relatively cheap designer sunglasses, especially if you buy designer eyeglasses online.

Hot Sunglasses - Cool Sunglasses - Celebrity Sunglasses

No matter what way you word it there is no doubt that these are serious designer eyewear. Some of the hottest celebrities such as Brad Pitt,have been the greatest fans of these designer sunglasses. This celebrity has worn these sunglasses to a number of occasions. This is the right time to order your pair of Cabal Sunglasses and make yourself feel like a star. You need not be a celebrity to wear these Cabal Sunglasses. All you need to do is to buy eyeglasses online , get your Cazals or Cazal eyeglasses and flaunt them to all your friends and relatives when they are delivered to you.

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