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Many cool but cheap designer glasses for women

Womens reading glasses come in a variety of designs, funky colors and shapes. This is mostly because most ladies like a bit of uniqueness in every accessory. For that reason, manufacturers have come up with different brands of stylish reading glasses targeting the female clientele.

Funky fun reading glasses

For instance, a lady can go for the readers that offer a stylish appearance that will light up any woman's outfit. The white Jimmy Crystal reading glasses have crystals lining up the eye rim and extending over the bridge up to the hinges.

These cheap designer glasses retail for about $38 and a lady can also opt for the fuchsia design that has this color on the frame and the crystals as well.

Such a look will give more life to the lady's face because the crystals will glitter over the oval lenses. In addition, it shows a lady who is not afraid to go beyond the norm by using crystals on the eyewear instead of having them on the outfits and other accessories only.

Retro reading glasses are now fashion reading glasses!

Another type of women's reading glasses that will give her class as much as it will serve the intended purpose is the retro readers. These have designs that were predominantly found on eyewear in the 1800s and the early 1900s.

This style is making a comeback and it promises to last for several years. In that case, she can get one of the thick-framed pairs that assume a nerdy look, as was the case with most of the early users. The color range is wide from red, turquoise to tortoise and others. For instance, the Revue Retro 653 readers have a plastic frame and they are full rimmed.

Round reading glasses are now cool!

The rounded lenses give them the oldies look and they come in tortoise color. Other types of the retro spectacles have half rims, oval lenses and the rectangular ones. Indeed, they will give an authentic seasoned look to the wearer.

If the wearer loves color, she can opt for the ICU readers that come in fancy stylish colors and designs. The neon two-tone (7156) pair can work with outfits that are dull or one colored. The eye rims assume one color while the temples take on the other beginning after the hinges.

This eyewear is thick framed therefore enhancing the appearance of the two colors.

She can go for the purple and orange or the black and green pair depending with the colors in her closet. A pair retails for about $24.

Most of the designer eyewear for the female market does not lack some elaborate decoration. This acts like the selling strategy because ladies do not want dull unexpressive pairs that are not personalized.

Designer cheap rhinestone Womens Reading Glasses

For that reason, rhinestone decorated pairs are the preferred women's reading glasses for many ladies. Some of the pairs are for particular events such as the evening bling that has a black frame with a row of rhinestone embellishments on the sides. The cost for this pair is around $20. In addition, she can select the Royal Reflections, which has a royal blue color for the frame with embellishments of golden studs and rhinestones.

In essence, womens reading glasses contain a lot of creativity and designs because the needs of this market are also personalized and vary greatly.

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