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Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet were the two enterprising opticians who established the brand Theo in Antwerp, Belgium. The first pair of eyeglasses were handcrafted and displayed in the Silmo Optical Trade Fair guerilla-fashion. The brand was showcased in 1989 at the Paris tradeshow Silmo as well. The beginnings were quite humble and the first Theo collection of designer eyewear was actually shown in a briefcase. A touch of art definitely meant a lot to the duo and this quality does reflect in their designer eyeglasses range.

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They believed in giving their eyeglasses an identity that had much to do with passion and style rather than just a means to correct eye defects. Very soon the brand Theo started being counted in the top fashion wear. A lot of younger and more confident crowd identified tremendously with this designer eyewear brand.

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The company is now famous all over the world which includes collaboration with many designers for manufacture of high class eyeglasses. The eyewear collection of Theo is ideal for all those who consider eyeglasses as an artistic expression of their personality. Some colors and designs are outrageous and some are simply out of this world. They are shocking and quite revolutionary. The variety is so much that people can never get fed up of them.

The frames are usually in very bright colors and are made mainly in high quality plastic. The metallic eyeglasses are made in stainless steel, Monel and Titanium. The frames are made by hand in Oyonnax, France. The eye-witness collection launched in 1994 was something that gave the brand momentum they needed and since then they have just been bringing out newer collections. In 2001 also the Milan tradeshow Mido turned out to be a grand success for the Theo eyewear collection.

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The company has always believed in daring fashion which make everyone's heads turn. Newer challenges are what the company strives towards and there does not seem to be an end to it. They keep soaring with new and refreshing, as well as reasonably cheap, designer eyeglasses. October 2004 saw a new promise with the introduction of sober and lighter eyeglasses, yet retaining the originality of the brand. The best part about the Theo eyewear collection is the element of surprise that it brings with each of its seasons.

People find the brand quite individualistic and there is no doubt of the brand being a trend setter. Women who have a subtle humor and are confident, wear the eyeglasses from Theo designer eyewear collection.

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Exclusivity and originality is also something that attracts people towards the brand. Lafont eyeglasses and Theo Adensco Eyeglasses are the two collections of Theo which have been very popular among all ages. Lafont eyeglasses are traditional but quite in style and Theo Adensco Eyeglasses have some different designs and patterns on the temples of their frames. Lafont eyeglasses are made in both Titanium and Beta Titanium. They are also available in pastel colors and look really vibrant. The company Theo has been dedicated to art with each piece of their eyewear.

That is the reason why the designs shine out among the other brands. Technology and innovation is also given the importance it deserves, hence its continued success. These are an ever popular range of designer eyewear, always in demand at eyeglasses stores online. As such there are often discounts available on this designer eyewear range and availing of this discounted designer eyeglasses can make Theo eyeglasses reasonably inexpensive eyeglasses. Fashion, quality and good price combined.

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