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Trendy Designer Silhouette Eyeglasses Frame Styles

Arnold and Anneliese Schmied are the two people who established the famous brand called Silhouette. The brand is known as Silhouette International Schmied and was founded in 1964. This designer eyewear brand is located and headquartered in Linz, Austria. It has about 13 outlets for distribution and is operational in more than ninety countries.

Klaus Schmeid, Arnold Schmeid and Tassilo Gruber are among the people who form the management of the company and it is owned by the Schmeid family. There are close to 1700 people in the company overall and out of these about 900 are located in the headquarters.

Designer Rimless Eyeglasses from Silhouette-Trendy Eyeglasses

The eyewear brand is identified by people as the most technologically advanced brand. The quality of the material used is excellent and leaves no chance of either fading of colors or deteriorating metal or plastic. Silhouette frames do not have hinges and are very light in weight.

Their designer lenses are available in a number of shapes and fitted in a very meticulous manner. These designer eyeglasses frames are quite unique and classy. The company is a leading brand in rimless eyeglasses.

Flexible Eyeglasses and Cheap Designer Eyeglasses Frames

Some of the colors are very sober such as lighter shades of golden and some are very bright such as a combination of light and dark purple. The style of Silhouette designer eyewear is subtle and quite ahead of time. Since they are rimless they give a kind of freedom of vision type attitude, which in turn gives a feeling of freedom. The Silhouette Eyeglasses simply has a bridge between the lenses and two arms to support them. The flexibility factor also contributes to the brand's success as the leading manufacturer of rimless eyeglasses. The fact that the lenses and frame is flexible itself talks about the quality of the material used in the eyeglasses.

The collection of Silhouette designer eyeglasses frames shows the kind of amazing fashion sense the designers possess. The frames are very flexible and that is the rarest thing to see and have in an eyewear range. There are a lot of innovative ideas used and that is what makes the brand so different than others. Silhouette eyeglasses possess the license to distribute Adidas and Daniel Swarovski Paris crystal eyewear

Who is choosing cool eyeglasses from Silhouette?

Typically professionals are more likely to buy and relate to them. There are people who are supposed to be dressed up in formal clothes most of the time such as working professionals and Silhouette designer eyewear has proved to be the best choice for them. Silhouette Eye glasses are now available in many retail outlets in great prices and a wide range. The quality of the lenses is also incomparable to many of the other brands as they are crafted by professional optical experts.

There is a flip side to the Silhouette Eyeglass frames because of the fact that they are very flexible. People have a notion the eyeglasses will not fit well on their face. But this is not true. The eyeglasses are very comfortable to wear and see through. The only precaution that one must take while wearing and taking them off is that they should be held with both the hands.

Discount designer eyeglass frames

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