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Safilo eye glasses initial stages of production is dated back to 1934 when Guglielmo Tabacchi got hold of a manufacturing bay for producing frames and lenses for the first time. This manufacturing bay was in Calalzo di Cadore which was bought to produce quality eye glasses to cater specifically for increasing European demands for eyewear.

Starting with Italy, Safilo designer eyeglasses spread to many other regions of Europe. Subsequently a number of manufacturing units were set up to back up the brand with increased stock. A new facility was installed in Venice in 1964 to produce frames made of cellulose acetate. Further progress of the company saw the Padua Service Center was acquired in 1973. After 1977 several Safilo offices were inaugurated and operations were started in various parts of Europe.

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With increase in demand of designer eyeglasses Safilo spread its arms in the area of designer eyewear also. Licenses were procured around the year 1983 to manufacture some of the famous eyewear brands such as Gucci, Valentino and Ralph Lauren. Subsequently many other renowned brands were added to this list and the business just grew remarkably in the next decade.

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This kind of fame was brought in only because of the quality and durability of the eye glasses that Safilo manufactured. It also started off with a great collection of eye glasses which consisted of acetate and prescription metal framed eyewear. Various brands of Safilo consist of a number of rimmed and rimless eye glasses. Some of the eye glasses have been made flexible by incorporating elasta flex hinges. Another variety of Safilo eye glasses features rims made of titanium. Use of Titanium makes the eye glasses extremely lightweight and does not make it stressful to wear them. The best among the lot are the Safilo glamour eye glasses available in 5 shades that too at some unbelievable discounts. Overall these are cheap designer eyeglasses and would have to be considered inexpensive eyeglasses when all is considered. This is particularly true if you buy from eyeglasses stores online where some massive savings are to be made on designer eyewear due to designer discounts and competition between retailers.

Safilo designer eyewear is extremely versatile and that is what makes it different from many of the other variety of designer glasses. The Safilo brand offers great comfort, style, glamour and flexibility in its collection. The glamorous ones do not compromise on the quality of the eyeglasses but they have been found to be quite reliable and durable. At the same time they are sophisticated and represent a unique classic quality.

People who have purchased Safilo designer eyewear have always had something good to say about them. There are people who always ended up wearing eye glasses which hurt them at the back of the ear, however they say that Safilo eyeglasses offer such high level of comfort because of its light weight and a huge range to chose from that there has never been a regret of the purchase.

With Safilo eye glasses, the comfort and versatility has been kept intact with the style. These are trendy eyeglasses styles but comfortable also. People have generally shown a great amount of satisfaction after having bought Safilo eye glasses.

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