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Discount rimless eyeglass frames form eyeglasses stores online are the best way of getting quality but cheap designer eyeglasses.

Frameless Eyeglasses

Frameless eyeglasses may be the best option for those who hated the clunky, frames of traditional eyeglasses or those who just want to wear eyeglasses for the 'sake of wearing it' without them being too visible and for stylish purposes. These glasses are barely visible having plastic or glass lenses joined together at the nose bridge by a delicate supporting frame. Tiny screws are used to join the lenses with the bridge and the hinges that support the arms of the eyepieces.

Keeping up with the trend with new frame styles, color designs etc. might be a little expensive and many eyeglasses styles may not suit you. Choosing eyeglasses frames can be a tedious task and may result in something that does not do you justice if not selected carefully. Careful consideration needs to be given to the facial features before buying eyeglasses as they can accentuate features of your face that you might prefer not to highlight. Pay attention to brow lines and cheekbones etc. in addition to the looks of the frame itself. If you are happy with the general effect of eyeglasses then dig a little deeper into the various options available. The vast range of eyeglasses styles available let you make your own personal style statement whether it be professional or casual.

Cheap Designer Rimless Eyeglass Frames

For those who think this fashion-oriented selection of eyeglasses isn't their cup of tea, rimless eyeglasses can be an excellent choice. They come with no hassle of repeated investment and give you clean and modest look by being barely visible. Another advantage of frameless eyeglasses being less conspicuous is that you don't have to worry about the shape lenses you wear. These frames are a timless classic and will always be classy. In that sense they are both very practical and perfect to be worn in a meeting or a beach party hence freeing you from the need of buying or carrying multiple pairs just to keep up with the latest trend in fashion eyeglasses.

Cheap eyeglasses frames -Designer prescription eyeglasses

Frameless eyeglasses have one more win-point over the many plastic frames and that is cost. Rimless glasses are cheaper than the plastic frames however the prices may vary depending upon the design of the hinge you choose. There are different varieties to choose from, ranging from bendable, spring loaded or the almost indestructible titanium eyeglasses frames which do not at all require hinge.

Before choosing eyeglass frames we need to consider three important things. First is the lens selection. There are a couple of important things about lens you need look before you buy one. Look for the lens shape, lens height and width that best suits you face. Second is the proper measurement for Nose Bridge to determine its width. Third is the measurement for the length of the earpiece.

The thickness of your lens will depend upon your degree of being longsighted or shortsighted. Lens will be thinner in the center and thicker from the outer edges for an extremely shortsighted person. These edges are usually white and cloudy if are not polished. However, one can get a finished look by getting these edges polishes which may be charged separately by some retailers. A little more expensive version of these rimless eyeglasses can be purchased which are called high-index lens. These lenses are ultra-thin which may give thinnest lens glasses for the most longsighted person.

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