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Randolph sunglasses are ideal activewear sunglasses,not just great looking, lenses exceed the ANSI-803 standards and yet you can get these sunglasses cheap due to huge discounts at eyeglasses stores online.

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These Cheap Designer Sunglasses are made by Randolph Engineering which was founded by two engineers Stanley Zaleski and Jan Waszkiewicz in the year 1972 at Randolph, Massachusetts. The company was started with the main focus on manufacturing machinery and optical tools. Later, these tools and machineries gave birth to the idea of having their own brand of designer eyewear and the company manufactured its very own designer sunglasses in the year 1982. By 1990, the company expanded its sales to offer commercial products like sunglasses, prescription frames, and shooting eyewear. The eyewear manufactured by Randolph are of best technical quality as they are manufacture by highly skilled engineers and experienced staff.

Among the best sport sunglasses

Randolph Sunglasses are not only appealing to those seeking aviator sunglasses but are also highly appreciated by people who are in search of distinctive quality eyewear. Randolph Sunglasses are famous for their quality and durability and hence a lot of attention is paid to maintain the optical standards of the product.

It may sound unbelievable but each pair of these relatively cheap designer sunglasses goes through more than two hundred production stages and most of these procedures are carried out by hand. The frames have unequaled solder joint integrity as they are made by the company itself, not outsourced. The frames are also made from special alloys with tight molecular binding in order to eliminate oxidation and rusting.

Choosing Sunglasses from Randolph

While choosing the sunglasses it does not matter whether you are someone who drives a bike or are a pilot of a fighter plane as all of us need the best sunglasses when it comes to protecting our eyes. Keeping this in view Randolph designer sunglasses use the best lenses in their sunglasses which not only protect your eyes but also enhance your vision. They give the wearer maximum protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays and only 12-18% of visible light is allowed to pass though them.

Most of these sunglasses use either mineral glass lenses or polycarbonate lenses. Mineral lenses are very good lenses as they are impact resistant, scratch-proof, and give the wearer a distortion-free clarity. These lenses exceed the ANSI-803 standards and hence are the most ideal and safe eyewear. Polycarbonate lenses also have these features and are apt for people who want to wear extra light glasses. They are made from distortion free optical-grade polycarbonate that gives the best optical performance. These lenses are suitable for outdoor activewear, motorcyclists or just for daily wear.

Cheap Designer Randolph Sunglasses

Many people have used these Randolph Sunglasses and are immensely satisfied by their performance. The most notable features that the users are quick to comment on would be sleek design, the durability, and the affordable price range offered by Randolph for its designer collection sunglasses. Most users are very pleased with the performance and the reliability of the Randolph Designer Sunglasses to deliver both protection against the blinding rays of the sun and the harsh irritants of the environment.

Discount Designer Eyewear

Randolph Engineering sunglasses are the epitome of engineering genius blended with the beauty of artistic flair. Truly, Randolph is a masterpiece of the best of engineering and blended with the artistically crafted lenses and frames. These are inexpensive sunglasses when all is considered. Even more remarkable is the fact that by buying sunglasses online you can get them even cheaper, truly cheap designer sunglasses.

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