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Progressive reading glasses may quickly become the most popular types of reading glasses available. These reading glasses with progressive lenses can help people deal with the often painful and uncomfortable symptoms associate with prolonged computer use. They handle vision problems that most traditional readers are not equipped to deal with. If you haven't heard about progressive glasses, you might be surprised by how effective and affordable these newer reading glasses can be.

Computer Reading Glasses

When you read text on a screen, it's simply not the same scenario as reading text from a book or newspaper. For starters computer screens have a glare that you don't get when reading a book. This glare can take a toll on your eyes after a few hours. Many reading glasses that are advertised as progressive computer glasses are really nothing more than traditional readers with a very small level of tinting. While the tint may help with the glare problem, it does not address the other problems associated with computer reading.

Tinted Reading Glasses

When you look at a computer screen, you are typically viewing text at a much greater distance than you do when reading a book. We tend to sit further back from computer screens in order to work comfortably. This distance is never the same as when reading printed material, so the amount of magnification that traditional readers offer is simply not adequate for reading text on a computer. This is why so many people still have headaches and sore eyes after a day at the office, even when they wear computer glasses. Most of these glasses are not progressive in nature and lack the functionality needed for regular computer users to work comfortably.

So What Are Progressive Reading Glasses?

A true pair of progressive computer or reading glasses have lenses that are able to change magnification levels. For example, a typical pair of readers will allow you to focus well on a document or book, but if you have to quickly switch to looking at your computer screen, which is further away, you will not receive the magnifying power that you need to comfortably read the screen.
A pair of glasses with progressive lenses have two levels of magnification. One level is specifically for reading material at a closer range, while the other is for looking focusing on objects, like your computer screen, that is at more of an intermediate distance. Essentially, a pair of progressive lenses, is like a pair of bifocals, but there is no line between the magnification levels.

Buying Quality Cheap Designer Reading Glasses Online

Since computers are such a big part of our lives these days, having good progressive lenses can be a big benefit. Smart shoppers should look to buy their progressive eyeglasses online. Since the online stores are always eager to get new customers and don't have the huge overheads that conventional stores do buying progressive reading glasses at an Internet store is usually the best way to get a great deal.

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