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Panama Jack is a world-renowned company that was founded by Jack Katz, a Florida Gators football player in the year 1974. He completed his graduation from the University of Florida and founded this company a little while after completing his degree. The company was formed with a view to provide beach related items such as sunscreens, clothes, sunglasses, jewelry, footwear, etc. The products for sale by Panama Jacks have an authentic Caribbean feel to them and possess the ability to transfer you to a beautiful beach. Lots of luxurious beach side resorts sell Panama Jack merchandise.

Panama Jacks have extensive products on their online catalogues that can be chosen from. Some of their bestselling sun glasses models have been listed below along with a brief description:

Cool Sunglasses,Fishing Glasses,Sports Glasses

E9-8632 Boca Grand Sunglasses:

This line of sunglasses is especially for the ladies. The sunglasses offered under this collection have an excellent UV ray blocking ability. They have a unique, compelling design that ensures that you do not go unnoticed. They are available in two colors namely red and black. They come with silver flash lenses fitted in them. They have a kind of a double shade which makes for a very trendy and chic look

E9-8774 Key Biscayne Sunglasses:

These Panama Jack shades for women are of the frameless kind. They also come in two shades and provide complete sun protection

E9-7913 Top Gun - Polarized Sunglasses:

The sun glasses under this line give a complete beach look. They are ideal wear for a hot summer and provide adequate protection against the glare of the sun from surfaces like snow, water or roads. They have an aviator style and come in different colors.

E9-8635 Ocean Buoy-Floating Polarized Sunglasses:

These Panama Jacks are basically men’s wear. They can be worn while performing water related activities as they have the ability to float because of perfect buoyancy. They are available in orange and black.

Fashion Panama Jack Sunglasses

Panama Jack shades have won great favor among well-known public figures like Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba and Nick Carter. Panama Jack sunglasses are not really the highly priced and are available at affordable prices. They offer you the chance to sport celebrity styles at nominal rates. They have become quite popular because of the patronization of the above mentioned celebrities who have worn these sunglasses to complement their beach looks while on holiday.

This brand perfectly captures the spirit of adventure, freedom, joy, sun, sea, sand and surf. These unique tropical elements make these cheap designer sunglasses a coveted brand. You are instantly transported to the ocean where a gentle breeze is blowing and giving you a heady rush with a feeling of escape. The name of the brand translates into a laid back and enjoyable lifestyle along with providing style and fulfilling practical purposes like sun protection. They are made of very durable and long lasting materials and are hardly likely to give you any problems. They are a great choice if you like the outdoors and spend a lot of your time indulging in active pursuits. Overall,highly regarded sports glasses or fishing glasses and relatively cheap sunglasses

People who have bought Panama Jack sunglasses give them a very high rating. Lots of customers call Panama Jack shades as worthy investments that are very useful for them. It enables them to look good while also providing adequate protection from possible damage by the harmful rays of the sun. They are delighted at the wide range of color and design options that are available. There is surely something to taste all kinds of tastes and sensibilities in the case of these sunglasses. Good quality and reasonably cheap designer sunglasses.

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