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Oliver Peoples Eyewear

Larry Leight, Kenneth Schwart, and Dennis Leight were the designers who brought back the charm of the vintage eyeglasses from the 1920s. The three designers established the company named Oliver Peoples in 1986. The trio started out with buying a vintage collection eyewear which had a lot of filigree work and metallic frames. They dared to envision the possibility of reviving the style and elegance of the vintage collection. The name Oliver Peoples comes from the name of the actual distributor and owner of the collection. The designer eyewear brand Oliver Peoples formed its first stores in the United Sates in Los Angeles and then spread its wings to a number of other countries. The headquarters of these designer eyeglasses is located in Beverly Hills, California.

Eyeglasses styles from Oliver Peoples

Larry Leight looks after the creative side of the company and is continuously designing very progressive and classic eyewear. Before he decided to get into the creative side of the brand, he worked towards the sales and marketing of the eyewear which helped the brand gain some momentum. His marketing styles as well as innovative designs have worked wonders for the eyewear collection. Celebrities are often seen sporting designs from Oliver Peoples eyewear collection. The Southern California lifestyle has been incorporated deeply into the designs and various Oliver Peoples eyeglasses. There is a collection for every kind of field right from sports to art and from films to fashion.

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Many of the eyeglasses in the Oliver Peoples collection of eyewear are retro style, vintage and have a lot detailing in their designs. Most of them are handcrafted and assembled together with the help of advanced techniques. Some of the eyeglasses have been inspired by actors such as Roy Orbison and actresses such as Audrey Hepburn from "Breakfast at Tiffany's". The use of excellent quality material for their frames and the implementation of advanced manufacturing methods have led to reliable and long lasting pieces of eyewear. The eyeglasses are manufactured in Italy. The brand has truly defined the vintage magic and the effect is appreciated by a lot of people.

Vintage Style Oliver Peoples Eyeglasses

The revamping of the vintage collection brings with it a subtle beauty of the past and inspires making of new designs. Some of the iconic styles that have gained a lot of attention from celebrities and common people alike in the past years are Riley, Tycoon and Alter-ego. Riley comes in around 7 different colors and patterns. The dark mahogany has been the most famous piece from the collection. There are two colors in Tycoon, viz. black and pewter. Both have an excellent finish and are quite sober for anyone to wear at a formal occasion. The plastic used is beveled and the end portions of the frames are slightly oversized. The Alter-ego has one color but the material used is Beta Titanium making the frame very light and comfortable for use for long hours.

Trendy eyeglasses styles

These are always trendy eyeglasses and while they would not be the most inexpensive eyeglasses out there they are still realtively cheap eyeglasses when you consider the 'cache' involved. If you are looking for reasonably priced cheap designer eyeglasses these have to be considered. Not cheap eyeglasses but the best of both worlds.

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