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Ogi Designer Eyeglasses was founded by designer David Spencer in 1997. It started with a small manufacturing unit in the Mid West and has now reached amazing levels of success in this industry. This designer eyewear company stands for some amazing revolutionary styles which have derived their originality from its designer David Spencer. He believes in using creativity and has put forth a great collection of some very fashionable eyeglasses. The brand has made a niche for itself by dedicating a decade of hard work and fresh ideas. It is quite an established designer eyewear brand now operating in many countries.

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The production of Ogi eye glasses was initiated keeping in mind a segment which desires luxury but cannot necessarily afford it. Therefore each of the eyeglasses has been designed in such a manner that they are luxurious yet fits people’s pockets comfortably. Available in some very striking colors, the Ogi eyeglasses get noticed very easily.

Ogi eyeglasses styles and frames

The collection in the designer eyewear is available in all kinds of shapes such as Round, Classic, Rectangular, Semi-Rectangular, Semi-Cat-Eye, Semi-Oval and Semi-Square. The semi rectangular shapes in the collection look very smart and chic. The combination of colors in these is eye-catching and anyone would feel the urge to buy it. The semi-oval shaped eyeglasses are available in some beautiful colors, yet not in the conventional greens and maroons. The shades of the eyewear are varied and very attractive.

It is quite different from any of the other brands that we come across. This is because of the innovative shapes in the collection. The semi-oval and semi-square shapes are a rare find especially in eyewear. The second thing which makes the collection stand out is the color combination in each pair of glasses. The style is unmatched and very impressive. The quality of material used in the frames is excellent as it is collected from all over the world. The use of patterns is stirring and makes a good gift for any occasion. Anyone receiving a pair of Ogi glasses as a gift is bound to be pleased beyond expectations.

Ogi Eyewear collection-Trendy Eyeglasses

This designer eyewear collection has a contemporary style to it and a latest addition in it is the Seraphin. Seraphin is a collection inspired by the nouveau-retro era and accompanies with it a vintage look in each pair. The heritage collection of the brand brings together the charm of the past designs and freshness of the newer ones. People often find the colorful collection quite refreshing and the variety quite endearing. The newer pairs of eyeglasses have Ogi Suns, OK, SP and KM series. The frames made in Stainless, Titanium, Metal, Prime Metal, Plastic and Rimless are much in demand.

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It's the best of both worlds with Ogis, designer eyewear at affordable prices. The best part about Ogi eyewear is the introduction of some really fresh and brilliant looking eyewear. Each season therefore seems worth looking out for. The modern and abstract patterns bring a kind of vitality to each pair in the collection. The brand has gained momentum because of its continued commitment to excellence in quality and style. Ogi eyeglasses have a long way to go and people constantly look forward to its new collections.

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