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When it comes to sport sunglasses, there are very few sunglasses that can compete with Maui Jims sunglasses. It would be just as difficult to find a pair better for the job than Kaanapali sunglasses. These highly advanced sunglasses set forth a standard that is hard to beat by other glasses on the market. When you consider quality versus cost, the Maui Jim line is one that stands out in a crowd any day of the week.

Maui Jim Kaanapali sunglasses are one of the strongest and most durable pair of sunglasses in the entire line because they are made from a super strong titanium alloy material that is able to withstand high impact situations. This material is extremely flexible, lightweight, and will hardly even feel like you're wearing glasses at all.

Another great feature of the Kaanapali sunglasses is the fact that they come entirely without hinged side arms. Instead, these Ka'anapali Sunglasses are equipped with flexible single piece side arms that are hinge free. This makes for a much more comfortable wearing experience.

Cheap Maui Jim Sport Sunglasses

The lenses are made with high quality and very durable polycarbonate material that is scratch resistant, polarized, and UV protected. Polarized sunglasses are great for fighting glare that is often experienced in a number of different situations. The harmful rays from the sun are blocked by the UV protection that the glasses provide, which can help make your viewing experience much more enjoyable.

Another feature that adds to the comfort of these particular designer sport sunglasses is the silicon nose pads that they come equipped with. The nose pads are fully adjustable so you can fit them to the contours of your face.

Maui Jim sunglasses come in a number of different color combinations that are all very appealing and stylish. These Ka'anapali Sunglasses are available with the gunmetal frame and grey lens, metallic gloss copper and grey lens, and metallic copper frame with bronze lens.

Maui Jim Kaanapali Polarized Sunglasses

Product Features & Specifications

- Frame Material: Titanium Alloy

- Hinge Type: Hingeless

- Lens Type: Polycarbonate

- Interchangeable Lens: No

- Polarized: Yes

- Case Type: Hard

- Nose Pads: Silicone

- Arm Pads: Nylon

- Maui Jim sunglasses repair and Maui Jim Warranty: 2 Years

- Recommended Use: Sport, everyday

- Country of Origin: Japan

These polarized activewear sunglasses are perfect for many different outdoor sporting events as well as casual wear in any other situation. If you're looking for durable, lightweight, flexible, and very comfortable sunglasses, then the Ka'anapali Sunglasses are the right glasses for the right price.

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