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Marchon was established by Larry Roth, Al Berg and Jeff White in 1983. Today Marchon designer eyeglasses manufacture and sell sunglasses and eyeglasses to 80 countries. Eyeglasses are sold on the company's name as well as through other licensed names such as NIKE, Fendi Eyeglasses and Calvin Klein. Marchon is an American company which basically targets specific consumer segment and caters for selective preferences of their prospective buyers. The headquarters of Marchon designer eyewear are in Tokyo and Amsterdam.

Flexon Eyeglasses- Designer Eyeglasses Frames

The unique aspect of Marchon designer eyewear is its Flexon memory metal which makes the frames extremely robust. This is something which makes the collection different from many others. It is indeed a patent of Marchon designer eyeglasses that still stands tall as it provides some technologically equipped designs.

Introduction of the Flexon metal has brought about a revolutionary change especially in the durability of the eyeglasses. Marchon believes that if technology is in place then anything stays in good condition much longer than expected and consequently the reliability of the product increases. Keeping this in mind a design center has also been made in Italy to work on CAD technology for the eyeglasses. Further manufacturing units have been launched in Japan and China as well.

Trendy Cool Marchon Eyeglasses

The basic difference between Marchon and other designer eyewear brands is the use of technology and its family oriented styles. The family influence of Marchon designer eyewear makes it more likeable. In a way it gives a unique look to the eyeglasses. The range of colors is wide but the colors are subdued. Colors are limited and as a result the colors which are available in the eyeglasses tend to look realistic and a bit serious.

But some of the designs are quite refreshing. In terms of shapes they are now available in narrow oval, rectangular as well as almond like shapes in both metal and plastic laminates.

The metal used in the eyewear is very thin and this is what gives the glasses a sleek look. The eyeglasses have spring hinges along with clip on eye lenses.

There are many varieties in the rimless and Titanium collection as well. It has been observed that whenever people buy Marchon eyeglasses they feel the freedom to buy one for each member of the family. That is how the masses identify with the brand.

Another thing that attracts many people is the stability factor of the eyeglasses. This is mainly because of the fine quality of material that is used in the frames. The metal toned frames are also quite popular among a lot of people. There are a few combinations of colors among the eyeglasses such as different shades of blue, brown, burgundy, green, olive and lavender.

Technology combined with some invigorating designs is what makes the Marchon designer eyewear collection so likeable. Their constant hunger for innovation and technology makes them have a constant edge over many of the other designer eyewear brands.

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