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Lunor eyeglasses are truly unique in their designs and have genuine aesthetic style. These eyeglasses have a characteristic quality which shines out among others. It has a distinct researcher like style.

Lunor designer eyeglasses have been inspired by eyewear which was worn during 300 years spanning the period from 1650 to 1950. These were handcrafted and quite simple but served the purpose of eyesight correction. Gernot Lindner was the man who made this attempt of collecting these European antiques, who also happens to be the founder and owner of Lunor enterprises. His collection consisted of microscopes, pince-nez, binoculars, eyewear and their cases. Lunor designer eyeglasses are manufactured in traditional ways however the level of comfort and quality is excellent.

Vintage Eyeglasses Styles-Cool Lunor Eyeglasses

Lunor glasses are not like the usual run of the mill eyewear, but have that vintage look. They have simplistic design with some very mild colors. Each design is quite extraordinary and develops a sense of inquisitiveness among the prospective buyers.

A new addition to the Lunor designer eyewear collection is the octagonal eyewear. The 'Robb Report' which is a lifestyle magazine and has declared the Lunor collection to be the 'Best Eyewear' as far as the quality, service and design is concerned. They have preserved the old designs carefully and reproduced them in a very likeable way. The designs immediately capture everyone's attention, urging people to look for unique designs.

Celebrity Designer Eyeglasses Frames-Fashion Eyeglasses

In the recent years the brand has gained remarkable popularity and has surpassed the expectations of many. People relate to the brand in many ways, the first one being the use of Lunor glasses by many Hollywood actors and actresses. Some of them are Cindy Crawford, Meg Ryan and Madonna. For many of them these eyeglasses have become quite a fetish and are a now indispensable part of the accessory list. People have become very loyal to the brand and some have been found buying them as gifts for some of the most important people in their families as well as professions. The brand is considered to be important rather than necessary.

Two other personalities constantly associated with the brand are Candace Bergen and Jamey Sheridan. The character of Candace Bergen was exemplified in the film 'Miss Congeniality' by the use of Lunor designer eyeglasses. On similar lines the character of Jamey Sheridan in the television series 'Law and Order-Criminal Intent' also has a great effect because of the Lunor designed eyeglasses. This is because these reasonably inexpensive eyeglasses have been able to give a rich yet simple look to both the characters.

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