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John Lennon sunglasses are vintage glasses like the ones that John Lennon used to wear,these shades come in 3 types,classic small,classic regular and polarized sunglasses

Cool John Lennon Sunglasses

John Lennon is still one of the most famous musicians of all the time, many years after his untimely death.However, he left not only a legacy of great music but also most of the most iconic fashion statements ever, his style of glasses.

He met an untimely death by a tragic assassination which propelled his popularity by huge proportions. He was known to possess a great, unrivalled sense of style in terms of the clothes and accessories he wore. He was considered the trendsetter of this time for the youngsters some of which are followed till today. The sunglasses that he wore have carved out a place for themselves in history and have come to be known as John Lennon sunglasses. They are also called tea-shades. Lots of fans and followers of John Lennon collect and wear these sunglasses.

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There are mainly three categories in these discount designer sunglasses that have been mentioned below: Classic Small: These are vintage glasses that are exactly like the ones that John Lennon used to wear. They are of a relatively smaller size and come in lots of colors. Classic Regular: These are also the same type as mentioned above the only difference being that they are slightly bigger in size. Polarized Regular: These relatively cheap designer sunglasses have a modern twist while retaining the original design. They are available in brighter colors and come with more design options than the other two collections. They are fitted with superior technology polarized lenses that provide better protection to the eyes from the sun’s glare while giving a sharper and clearer vision. John Lennon style sunglasses have been known to be worn by numerous celebrities like Ozzy Osbourne, Mary-Kate Olsen and Liam Gallagher.

John Lennon type sunglasses essentially have a perfectly round shape and come in a variety of different, bright colors apart from the basic black. These glasses are extremely hard to find as they are unique, rare items. They are aimed at a select clientele. The lenses have been excellently crafted so that there are no gaps at the sides and maximum sun protection can be obtained. They are created by incorporating luxury, high quality materials due to which adequate care should be taken by owners. They should be cleaned using a wet cloth on a frequent basis.

There are two sizes that can be availed in the regular John Lennon shades. The bigger one is suitable for men while the smaller one is suitable for women. The suitability of the size may also depend on the shape and size of your face as an individual

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People who have bought John Lennon sunglasses have treasured these glasses that are a reminder of the famous musician. Their owners love to sport them on all possible occasions. Moreover, the reviews state that the best thing about these glasses is the multiple color options available that enable them to choose the glasses the suits them the most. They are a kind of memorabilia for John Lennon fans.It could be said that these are designer sunglasses but it is certainly without doubt that these could be described as cool sunglasses.

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