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Glitz and glamour characterizes the Jimmy Crystal designer eyewear collection. Just as is the case with this brand's other collections of watches, earrings and accessories, the spectacles have their own level of perfection that give them a substantial range in the market.

When seeking these pieces to assist in magnifying the small prints that have been giving you endless headaches and eye strains, you need to look at the various designs available because there is a wide range to choose from.

In this designer eyewear collection, you get eye wear that has Swarovski crystals lining the upper part of the eye rim and extending over the bridge, others all round the eye rims, while other pieces have the crystals over the bridge and on the hinges.

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The detail is immaculate and they sparkle at the slightest direction towards a source of light. The designs suit men as well as women and they can fit a person of any age because of the varied degree with which the crystals are fixed on the eye wear.

If a person is looking for Jimmy Crystal reading glasses that will not look too daring, the Zebra design can serve the purpose. This piece has crystals lining the upper part of the eye rim in alternate black and white colors. It comes in various strengths such as + 1.50 and + 2.00 in order to fit the varied client base. The frame is thick and the plastic temples are stripped in white and black to match the colors on the eye rim, and all these for about $48.

In addition, you can settle for the eye wear that has leopard designs on the frame, which are made of the crystals famed with the company's collections. The eye rim glitters with these embellishments and it is bound to draw more attention to your face especially if the colors correspond with your complexion.

The eye power ranges from +1.00 to + 3.00, to ensure that any strength you hope to get is catered for. The range of crystals this company uses is wide and this means the colors of spectacles available is also up to the expectations of most wearers. A person can find blue, pink, green, black and clear crystals amongst others. In addition, the person can customize the color of crystals wanted with a particular design when making the purchase online.

For instance, a person can vary the crystals on the metallic frame with plastic temples to come up with pink crystals lining the frame. Such innovative gestures allow the customers to feel as if they are part of the design work because they know what is best for them instead of picking the general designs that are provided in the company's catalogue. Such eyewear will cost the individual $39.99 and it takes 3 to 5 weeks to ship the product. The individual can also select the strengths so that the company can personalize the spectacles. The Jimmy Crystal reading glasses ensure that a person does not stick with the conventional eye wear look that does not have embellishments and glittering crystals on the frame.

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