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Haven Glasses by Smith designer eyewear

Haven designer sunglasses were created by Smith to give a new definition to the designer eyewear industry with regard to polarization. These reasonably cheap polarized sunglasses are very stylish and use world-class polarization techniques to make multi-purpose sunglasses. They is located in USA and its sunglasses are retailed not only in America but also to other parts of the world.

These reasonably cheap designer sunglasses come in various designs and are styled with intricate detailing to make every piece a masterpiece. These sunglasses are suitable for not only casual wear but also come in handy for outdoor activities and adventure sports.

One of the best sport sunglasses

The frames are very sturdy and made of best quality metals and plastic which are anti-allergic because of the special alloy coating on them. The frames do not wear off easily and last for years if handled with care. Apart from having functional benefits these sunglasses are very chic to look at too.

The most popular design is the close fitting 'wrap style' which hugs the contours of the eyes perfectly shielding them from strong winds, glare and dust. Some sunglasses come with fixed polarized glass lenses. These have adjustable wire core temples and a cushioned nose pad.

Photochromatic lenses and Haven sunglasses for driving

Haven designer  sunglasses are not monotonous as they come in some very exciting colors which give the wearer the most appealing look. The lenses are photochromatic and are so sensitive that they change their tint even with slightest variation in brightness.

Moreover, these lenses provided maximum protection against the ultraviolet radiations and also monitor the visible light transmission that reaches the eyes. The use of Tapered Lens Technology (TLT) makes these glasses exceptional as it provides them with best color transmissions with no contrast. They are also effective in protecting the eyes from snow blindness. The VLT and TLT features make these sunglasses a very good option for driving and blue water applications.

Sunglasses styles available from Haven

This brand have several models which are retailed successfully all over the world. Some of the popular models of these sunglasses come under the 'Crystal Series' which use eight-lens curve Techlite polarized lenses along with variety of frames to adjust to any face. The names of some models are Smith Optics Haven Black Frame Sunglasses with polarized gray lenses (HVGPGYBK), Tortoise Frame Sunglasses with Brown lenses ( HVGVBRTT), and Smith Optics Sunglasses with Polar chromic copper mirror lenses (HVGPPCMTT).

These entire lenses have hydrophobic and anti-reflective lens coating. All these sunglasses come with embossed Smith Optics logo that makes them that little bit more special.

This particular brand of designer sunglasses provides their customers a wide range to choose from as they have designer sunglasses, oversized sunglasses, sports sunglasses as well as a complete line of active eyewear. All these sunglasses are delivered to you with expertly crafted designs that come with style and perfection.

Celebrity sunglasses - Cheap designer glasses

Celebrities like Kate Bosworth adore these shades. The number of celebrities who are drawn to the magnetic appeal of the Haven brand certainly bear testament to the beautiful and stylish designs that the range of Haven sunglasses offer.

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