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The Guess lifestyle brand was established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers named Paul and Maurice Marciano. The brand began with manufacturing jeans and then moved on to other accessories such as designer watches, belts, jewelry, swimwear, bags, leather items, perfumes, Guess designer eyewear as well as sunglasses.
Guess frames for eyeglasses

This designer brand is recognized worldwide for all of its accessories including eyeglasses. Evolving into one of the most noticed brands, Guess utilized all kinds of business strategies to develop itself into a well known company. The headquarters of the company is in California and it has spread its operations in more than 70 countries.

Celebrity and Fashion Designer Eyewear from Guess Glasses

Guess certainly had spent a considerable amount of money on its marketing efforts. Many top models were signed up for showcasing its products; Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer are some of them. There has been no looking back and Guess has turned into one of the top known brands across the globe. Viva International Group possesses the license to manufacture Guess eyewear.

Designer Eyeglasses Frames-Fashion Guess Eyeglasses

Guess eyeglasses have more to do with lifestyle than anything else when it was first launched in 1989. It is an epitome of excellent craftsmanship and elegance. These eye glasses are made with a lot of sophistication and sensuousness. The style of each pair of designer eyeglasses is quite alluring and powerful.

Each set of eyeglasses has a unique design in terms of the colors and shapes. The frames are designed in a variety of ways. Some have the spring hinged temples and there are others which have steel nose bridges.

Innovation and detail-Guess Designer Eyewear

One thing that makes this brand stand out among the others is the new and innovative ideas to keep the magnificence of the brand alive. The impeccable craftsmanship of each pair of eyeglasses further adds to the value of the eyewear. The timeless collection of Guess glasses blends the modern designs with the classic ones quite effortlessly.

This reflects completely in the newer versions of the Guess eyeglass frames. The lenses are tinted and frames have metallic temples. There are some beautiful patterns on the temples which truly exemplify the innovation and attention to detail of the great minds behind the designer brand. The designer eyeglasses frames consists of both plastic and metallic frames. The collection has quite a fashionable flair to it and when it comes to price the news is good also. These are reasonably cheap eyeglasses that are serious value for the money.

Different people identify with the different genres of the collection in some very unique ways. Some consider it as a "must have" kind of designer eyewear, while others have the desire to form an iconic image with the help of the brand.

Why Buy Cheap Designer Eyeglass Frames Online

Now that Guess eyewear is available at discounted prices, many people have finally been able to fulfill a long time wish of owning a pair from the latest collection. The sales have increased as the desire of looking fashionable and an awareness of the latest trends has increased among people. Since Guess eyeglasses are also very strong because of the quality of the material used in them, casual use is not a problem.

Buying trendy eyeglasses online, indeed any designer eyewear, without a doubt offers the very best value for money. From designer discount, to stock clearance, for competition reasons, there are always options for buying cheap eyeglasses including discount designer eyeglass frames online. There are always discounts available and this applies to Guess frames the same as it does to all the other designer eyewear.

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