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This eyewear company was launched by Sam Foster in the year of 1919 and the company was initially geared at creating hair accessories for women. They were the first company in America to put injection moulding into practice which is the first step that they took in developing a list of revolutionary technology. Those steps have now led them to evolve from a small company who sold accessories to a large global company that is now famous world over for their manufacturing of sunglasses that are highly fashionable

Movie Star Glasses Many people have associated these glasses with movie stars and their popularity remains high on the list of preference. Therefore, it is surprising to know that you can get those same movie star glasses with the signature creative designs at a very reasonable price. FXG International is the Mother company for Foster Grant and is located within Rhode Island, they also have other sunglasses subdivisions, such as Gargoyle Angel and Anarchy sunglasses

Styles and Budget Foster Grant makes a wide range of glasses for all styles and budgets, but they are particularly well known for their sunglasses collection. The glasses are made from strong and long lasting materials yet they remain comfortable and lightweight. The range includes adults and children ranges along with glasses made specifically for sporting events and for driving. The sports range is know as either active or ironman depending on the glasses. They are designed to be comfortable and yet stay in place during activity intense and strenuous.

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Sunglasses became popular after being seen on silent screen stars in the early 1900s, the actors wore them to protect their eyes from the bright studio lights. In 1929 Sam Foster introduced cheap and easily made glasses to America, initially via a Woolworths store on a New Jersey Boardwalk. The glasses were introduced to the UK in the 1970s, worn by people like Elvis Presley and Woody Allen among many others. Other celebrities that have endorsed the Foster Grant brand include Vanessa Redgrave, Cindy Crawford and Raquel Welch who stars in one of the most recent ad campaigns

Designer sunglasses cheap - Expressions of Individuality for Every Budget The various ranges of Foster Grant glasses allow for all styles to be expressed and fit into most budgets. The variety allows you to purchase glasses for all activities and thus your eyes will be safely protected at all times from the harmful rays of the sun. You can wear a pair to drive, change into your active pair to play sports and then grab one of the numerous style pairs for an evening out. All glasses will look great and will not cost you he astronomical price that some other designer brands will charge for their products. This designer eyewear brand continues to expand and its fame is expanding too, considering that the glasses have made recent exposure at such events as the Oscars. You can purchase a pair from the massive collection through their online store or from the numerous stores on your nearest high street, but if you want cheap designer sunglasses at affordable prices the best value is always online. You will be guaranteed a high quality product for a very reasonable price when you invest in the Foster Grant sunglasses.

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