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The story of this brand of designer sunglasses resembles a plot in a movie. The story begans when the founders of this company, Magaretha and Wolfgang during a trip to Portugal, placed a bet on a horse called 'Escada', which means staircase. They won the bet and from then on they started to name all their ventures by this lucky name 'Escada'. Escada was launched in 1976 which designed luxury sportswear and by the year 1980 it set its eyes on becoming the leading brand of sunglasses.

Escada designer sunglasses are definitely a pair which you would never regret buying as they are not only very stylish but are also designed to keep your eyes well protected and healthy. Moreover, Escada is a very well known and established brand so if it ventures into making sunglasses then you can definitely trust its quality.

Designer sunglasses frames

These designer sunglasses have a variety of models which you may choose from and you will certainly find a pair that will suit you perfectly. Escada designer sunglasses are very popular because of their stunning designs which are incredibly cool. The lenses are of varied tint with intricate frames which suit almost everyone.

These brands are so made that you can buy any pair of shades which suits you or catches your fancy irrespective of your gender. The very fact that they are branded and that too are manufactured by Escada gives you reason enough to buy as they make a statement too.

Comfort fitting sunglasses frames

Escada designer sunglasses are of very high quality and great attention is paid to the comfort of the user. The lenses used are of many kinds and these shades are custom made as well. Some of the lenses to choose from are gradient lenses, photo chromic lenses, polarized lenses, blue-blockers, and mirror coated lenses. These are fitted to the frames of your choice and delivered to you in no time. The frames are made from titanium, metal, and also Acetate.

Designer Escada sunglasses for women

For women, a new range of sunglasses were introduced in 2006-2007, which were designed with Rhinestones and a light wrap. Some of the most popular models of Escada designer sunglasses are Escada ES 070 700, SES717, SES162, SES662s, and SES 165. The shades are reasonably priced and their prices range from $100 to approximately $300. For the quality you get these are reasonably cheap sunglasses

Many celebrities are also diehard fans of Escada sunglasses, the actress Jessica Alba and Ashley Tisdale are often spotted wearing this designer brand.

If you are planning to buy a pair of cool shades which not only give a style statement but also are very comfortable then do consider the Escada sunglasses. These shades not only promise you a great look but also give you the maximum protection from the UVB and UVA rays. These glasses are not at all flimsy and they will last you for more than couple of years.

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