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Dita Glasses were the product of the creative imagination of two best friends, Jeff and John who launched their label Dita back in the year 1996 in Los Angeles. Dita Designer Sunglasses were created as an alternative to branded designer eyewear whereby more attention were given to the frames rather than focusing on the logo of the Company.

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These designers of the sunglasses gained their inspiration from the vintage frames from 1950s and 1980s but they made use of the best optical materials to make their sunglasses look exceptionally chic and classy. Dita designer sunglasses have become so popular that in the year 2000,Tommy O Gara, a designer and creative director from Japan joined the Dita Team to promote these Sunglasses in Asia. Dita Logistics Center was then established in Japan where all the intricacies of designing were taken care of and handmade frames were manufactured. Today, the Dita Sunglasses Company has its offices at Los Angeles, Nagoya, Japan, and Hong Kong.

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Dita shades are aesthetically designed with the help of the latest optical technology to give it the cutting edge advantage over the other designer eyewear. These fashion sunglasses are very stylish, light-to-wear, and durable. If you do not think that sunglasses could entice you into buying one, then Dita Sunglasses are the ones which can do the magic.

The glasses frames are handmade in Japan and each of them is made with the utmost care and detailing. All these frames are made from the best quality materials available in the market such as white gold, Japanese zyl acetates, 18k carat gold, and titanium.

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In 2007, Dita launched its premier optical collection which aimed at revitalizing the classic vintage sunglasses frames by using the modern optical infrastructure. The aim of this collection is to maintain the vintage sunglasses feel along with all the modern features. The sun glasses are comfortable to wear and would surely make you feel like a star

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Some of the models of these relatively cheap designer Sunglasses which are very popular and fast moving in the optical market are Dita Midnight Special sunglasses which have a funky navigator design, Dita Condor come with semi-square lenses and have a double metal bar on top which make them look different from the other models. If you want to add a royal look to your sunglasses then Dita Grandmaster is exactly what you need. It is made of 18k gold and gives a vintage look. The average price of these Sunglasses is $200 to $350, which is not a huge price to pay for such fantastic shades. They can be found cheaper due to designer discount sunglasses special offers. When these discounts are available then they surely are cheap designer sunglasses.

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Dita Sun Glasses have carved a niche for themselves in the field of fashion eyewear depending solely on their quality and excellent craftsmanship. To date they have never indulged in any sort of high profile endorsements or have invested in extensive advertising campaigns. These frames are so popular that they have their own celebrity clientele which include big names like Jessica Simpson, Penelope Cruz, Ashley Olsen, and Kate Winslett from the movie Titanic, Brad Pitt and many more. Dita Sunglasses are indeed class personified and yet reasonably cheap designer sunglasses! Watch out for those specials on designer sunglasses at discount prices.

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