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The birth and subsequent popularity of Ray-Ban Sunglasses is attributed to the increased demand for pilots in the United States. During 1936 when newer aircrafts were made having the capacity to fly at higher altitudes, a need was felt to develop sunglasses which could help pilots have better vision and avoid glare at such heights. Such is the demand for these sunglasses that people are always looking for discount Ray Ban sunglasses so that they can get quality at the best price.

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With this in mind Ray-Ban came up with its first ever aviator sunglasses in 1936 with a green lens and anti glare features. This was when the aviator trend started and later copied by many eyewear companies. The Ray-Ban itself suggested and stood for the protection that it provides from the harmful sunrays. After the company registered itself in 1937 the aviator model became extremely popular and continues to be that way to this date.

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Slowly Ray-Ban sunglasses moved on to meet requirements of other people and 1938 saw the production of sunglasses for sports enthusiasts. People involved in a lot of outdoor activities also started opting for Ray-Ban sunglasses. Ray-Ban also started manufacturing sunglasses for specific conditions such as misty weather. The model named "Outdoorsman" hit the markets in 1938 meant for people involved in activities such as fishing, shooting and hunting.

The time from 1939 to 1940 saw all kinds of people involved in adventurous activities using Ray-Ban sunglasses and the brand became very well known. Gradient mirror lenses were used for the first time in 1940 which involved an extra layer on the lens for extra protection and enhanced visual acuity.

Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

1950s had a great impact of Hollywood on the fashion industry and the sunglasses were largely associated with fashion sense rather than being just a requirement. No longer were sunglasses considered as a necessity but now they had become a way to flaunt your sense of style. The grey-lenses N-15 during the same time were developed for the United States Navy. The sunglasses named Wayfarer were manufactured in 1952 which were quite simple in design but attracted a lot of attention from the entertainment industry.

G-15 was the lens which replaced the N-15 lens in 1953 because it allowed just about 15 percent of visible rays. The metal framed sunglasses Caravan was released in 1957. These were square in shape and gave a good alternative to the aviator styled Ray-Ban sunglasses. The arms of most of the Ray-Ban sunglasses are very thin. This year also saw the company manufacturing sunglasses for women. Rhinestones were used in these and this collection was as if the imagination of the designers was set free.

Activewear sunglasses and sunglasses for golf

By1960s the Ray-Ban sunglasses became the world leader in sunglasses production. The quality and durability of sunglasses was unrivaled. In 1961 the Audrey Hepburn's movie named Breakfast at Tiffanys featured Ray-Ban sunglasses. Balorama, Olympian I and II were launched and sold from 1965 to 1967. These designs took the crowds by a storm. 1970s saw the use of a new color used for metallic sunglasses called black chrome. These were used for making Golf sunglasses and for other activities such as mountaineering.

Discount Ray Ban sunglasses for women

Ray-Ban Naturals consisted of seven models for women. Ray-Ban continues to attract the celebrities by making compelling designs. The brand is constantly tying up with a number of artists in making the newer sunglasses known.

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