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Costa Del Mar range of sunglasses were launched in the year 1983 and has its headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida. These designer sunglasses are polarized high-end sunglasses which are mostly used in sports like sailing, surfing, and fishing. However it is as sunglasses for fishing that this brand are most famous for.

The first line of fishing sunglasses introduced by this company was named Catalina. It continues to be manufactured even today but with slight modification in its name. It is now known as Grand Catalina. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses made their first donation of polarized sunglasses to NOAA nature sanctuary in 1983. Cousteau Society has also been the recipient of these sunglasses.

The frames and lenses used in these sunglasses are of high optical quality as latest technology has been used in making them.

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It has a wide variety of lenses and frames which makes it very popular amongst its customers. It has around 18 frame colors, 52 styles, and best polarized lenses. The materials used to make these lenses are of best quality and are mostly manufactured using three kinds of materials which glass, polycarbonate, and CR-39. All these materials are known for their durability, visual clarity, and scratch resistance.

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The Costa 400 was the first lens made by Costa Del Mar using the material CR-39. In the year 1986, Costa 400 was again made with glass lens. Costa 400 lenses are made using all the three materials and they are considered to be very effective for reducing eye strain and give their wearers maximum optical clarity. It is effective in curbing glare at the 400 nanometer mark.

The Costa 580 is a premium lens collection launched in August 2000 reduces glare at 580 nanometer mark. It is unique as it reduces the penetration of the yellow light which happens to be the hardest light to be processed by the eyes. These lenses are outstanding because they not only completely reduce the glare but also give best definition, color saturation, and maximum UVB/UVA protection.

Costa Del Mar Caballito Super Cool Polarized SunglassesCosta Del Mar Caballito Super Cool Polarized Sunglasses

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