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Converse eye glasses are manufactured by REM Eye wear. This brand of designer eyewear was originally into manufacturing rubber shoes when the company was established in 1908. After Charles H. Taylor needed something to help his sore feet, his shoe problem was resolved by the company and subsequently he started to contribute to the company by popularizing his signature line of shoes specifically meant for basketball players. Converse eyeglasses are just one of the many different products manufactured by this prolific company today.

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Converse designer eye glasses are greatly influenced by the trends set by the people on the streets and stands for the urban culture. Everything produced by Converse reflects a lot of thought, perfection and innovation, especially in the eyewear that it comes up with. The style of Converse eye wear rouses a lot of curiosity and the deeper one digs the more one is likely to discover.

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Converse eye glasses are made with metallic rims. Some of them have semi rimless frames. Full of earth toned shades they truly have proved to be trend setters amongst the urban crowd. The Converse eye glasses were originally manufactured keeping in mind the demands and varied choices of the youth. That is why the most prominent feature of this often discounted designer eyewear is that each design is unique and sets a trend almost immediately. One of the most popular eye glasses of Converse is black rimmed eye glasses worth $100 to $115. The newer varieties include more sober colors and are mostly rimmed glasses. Most of them are priced quite reasonably in the range of $50 - $100. Some of the eye glasses are made of plastic frames making them quite tough and usable.

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Converse glasses are slightly different from the other brands of eye glasses. Converse concentrates more on the style which represents the young generation. Some eye glasses give the person an independent look and some of them give an iconic look. Although there are not many colors in the collection, there are a lot of blacks, browns and grays in them. It is also meant for the younger generation in a way that style and fashion comes for less and affordable prices. It also has a rock oriented fashion which has carried on for a long time and is still recognized with it.Because of the designer eyewear market they are aimed at you will often find these in an eyeglasses sale online at greatly discounted prices. Considering what you get with these glasses they are certainly cheap eyeglasses value wise.

As there are limited colors in the collection, the scope of mixing and matching is not possible. However the use of plastic frames makes it comfortable and reliable. There are a very limited number of eye glasses available for women. Those who want real good quality eye glasses in lesser prices are usually found buying Converse eye glasses because they are affordable.

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Sometimes affordability takes priority, however Converse eye glasses have their own charm and an image which will never go out of fashion. People especially young basket ball players in college or schools still hope to own a pair of these eye glasses. That is the reason Converse eye glasses are still quite popular and in demand.

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