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Buy Cocoon sunglasses online for clip on designer sunglasses at affordable prices. Quality but cheap polarized sunglasses, clip-on, snap on, fit over, flip up rx sunglasses.

Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses, Cheap Prescription Sunglasses

These quality but cheap polarized sunglasses are manufactured by a company called Live eyewear located in San Luis Obispo, California. Since the location of its manufacturing plant is so close to the coast the testing part has become quite easy and whether these rx sunglasses can deliver high performance or not also becomes quite clear.

The specialty of cheap polarized sunglasses is that they are supposed to be worn over other prescription eyeglasses and therefore they are designed accordingly. As they are worn that way they cover the other eyeglasses with ease and without causing any kind of discomfort to the wearer. There are some traditional sunglasses also from Cocoon but with the same features.

The frames of all the types of fit over sunglasses are made of ballistic nylon which adds to the durability of the products and the polarized lenses provide great clarity in vision. The features of Cocoon sunglasses include increased visual capacity, Flex2Fit Temples, 360 degree protection, durability and comfort.

Quality but cheap polarized sunglasses

The polarized lenses allow the wearer to see clearly in spite of the bright light around or even amidst the reflection that may be taking place because of these bright lights. This invariably gives an opportunity to the wearer to enhance his or her visual capacity.

The Flex2Fit feature gives stability to the sunglasses when worn comfortably over the ears. The arms of Cocoon sunglasses are made of a flexible wire from within and so this allows the wearer to adjust the sunglasses according to his comfort level. The grip is quite secure and once adjusted to fit the shape of the face and ears does not slip off the wearer's face unless deliberately moved.

The protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays is unmatched. This protection is rendered at all angles of the sunglasses compared to other sunglasses which provide this kind of protection only on the front side. Because of use of ballistic nylon in making the structure of the frames they are quite soft and have perfect finish. Cocoon's Pro Series is among the most popular sunglasses.

Cheap designer sunglasses

Some of the features are over and above the regular Cocoon sunglasses. Its features include hydrophobic and oleophobic coating on the lens and lanyard made of neoprene to keep it secure. The hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings avoid formation of any smudges, especially when used outdoors.

Clip on, fit over, flip up sunglasses with a lifetime warranty!

The best thing about Cocoon rx sunglasses is actually the lifetime warranty. They are OveRx sunglasses. The company is so confident about the durability of their sunglasses that any kind of breakage is considered next to impossible. The colors in the Cocoon collection are yellow, amber, gray and copper. Most people that have used these type of clip-on sunglasses find them to be quite stylish and comfortable. They opt for Cocoon rx sunglasses mainly because of the durability factor and the warranty that the company provides. The lenses are scratch resistant and therefore people do not restrain themselves from rough use of their sunglasses.

The best way to get cheap prescription Cocoon sunglasses?

In many ways these are cheap designer sunglasses such are the varieties and the options available. The collection of these type of cheap prescription sunglasses is quite diverse and has been made tastefully. The performance is excellent and implementation of innovative ideas is easily seen on the sunglasses.

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