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The company Coach was and still is a major manufacturer of leather goods. A collaboration of the two brands i.e. Coach and Marchon forms the legendary and highly successful brand i.e. the Coach Eyewear. Coach was established back in 1941 in the bustling fashion city of Manhattan, New York. The company started out with its own line of designer ladies leather. The company was family run and there were just about 6 craftsmen who were responsible for the creation of those dazzling array of gorgeous designer pieces, including the world famous Coach eyeglasses and Coach Sunglasses.

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The quality of materials and workmanship that these men possess has been exhibited clearly in the elegant and attractive designs of the Coach products from that period. This tradition of excellence has been handed down to the team of Coach expert craftsmen and this can be seen by the quality of work exhibited in the products being made today.

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Other products which Coach do manufacture as well are shoes, belts, wallets, watches, office furniture and eyeglasses. The Coach eye glasses collection truly stands for its notable shapes and amazing designs.

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Coach eyeglasses are available in metals, plastic and available with the rimless variety too. The collection is mostly meant to cater to the unisex market. However, Coach has taken a different turn to manufacture sunglasses specific for the females out there. Its latest release, Bernice embodies the sophistication of the modern women combined with the practicality of the clean and sleek design Coach products are known for. This is a stylish design that boasts of the feminine appeal which has a box styled frame and has been designed in a truly sophisticated manner. Many of the Coach glasses have the distinctive signature design on the temples. These include metal-like patterns, some are abstract and some have a definite style.

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Coach eyeglass frames are definitely made for the urban crowd who are willing to explore the new and latest trends in eyewear. The collection is quite varied so there is definitely something for everyone, no matter what the individual preference may be. Rectangular shapes are made in a meticulous manner and are the most popular around. Some of the eyeglasses are clear colored or transparent and some are made in brighter colors. The temples of some of the eyeglasses are thicker and flatter. Some of the eyeglasses are meant to be worn specifically with formal wear.

Coach eyeglasses frames

The use of acetate material has made the newer eyeglasses quite light and very presentable. The bridges in most of the eyeglasses are fixed. Some of the eyeglasses have temples which are really adorable and this speaks a lot about the creativity of the craftsmen. Innovative styles are constantly being introduced but the basic quality and work ethics have remained the same since the creation of this designer brand.

The frames for eyeglasses from Coach are easily distinguishable. Simplicity is what the brand stands for but the collection is never dull or unattractive. If simplicity with elegance is what you are looking for then a Coach Eyeglasses should be your selection. Perhaps the most enduring quality is what has kept the brand intact and growing consistently over the years is the genuine aesthetic sense to it. This feature is artistically incorporated into each design of their collection of eyewear.

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