Clip On Reading Glasses - Flip Up Magnifying Reading Glasses

Buy clip on reading glasses online and enjoy the benefits of practical magnifying reading glasses without the hefty price tag. Flip up reading glasses are practical and cheap.

 Practical easyclip eyeglasses

If you have several eye problems, it might be ideal to get the clip on reading glasses that magnify the writing for you when you attach them to your regular eyeglasses

Instead of having two pairs of eyeglasses, this piece attaches to the regular pair you have and ensure that your eyes do not have to strain when you are going through the small prints. One of the advantages of these flip up reading glasses is the fact that you can carry it easily because it folds and fits in a small case.

These easyclip eyeglasses consist of a pair of lenses joined to a bridge that has the clip for attachment to other eyewear. This design of having a separate pair of magnification lenses is mostly associated with the jewelers, doctors and other specialists who need a clearer picture of whatever it is you are viewing.

Lightweight Clip On Reading Glasses

If you have the habit of losing eyewear in the house, you can have this to attach to the pair of regular spectacles you use and you just flip them down when you want to use them. The weight is not increased by the additional lens because the manufacturers look at the overall weight it will cause on any type of eye wear; therefore, they manufacture the clip-ons in light weight.

One of the best choices in these flip up magnifying reading glasses is to opt for the styles that can fit in a pocket-sized case. For instance, the Carson clip and flip magnifier costs around $7 and magnifiers at 1.5X. The product comes with a case that makes it easy to store. It is wise to know the strength of the pair needed because some of them are suitable for the higher diopters while others suit the lower strengths

In case a person chooses a higher strength than is necessary it might worsen the eye problem or result to eyestrain and headaches. The same applies to choosing the lower strengths of clip on reading glasses without considering the optician's recommendations.

Ready made magnifying reading glasses

The ready-made pairs attach to various types of eyewear because they have standardized magnification strengths. Therefore, a person should consider the need to avoid going for a pair that will not achieve the required magnification.

In addition, flip up reading glasses fit closely to the spectacles to avoid obstructing the person's view. There are various shapes such as the rectangular, oval, rounded and the squared shapes in line with the varied designs of regular eye wear.

For instance, the universal clip-on magnifying reading glasses has various sizes and magnification strengths and it has a distinct square shape. The lenses are coated to avoid scratches and the glaring effect caused by reflection of light. The cost is about $25.

Another type is the telesight magnifier that costs about $33. It has squared off edges though the price increases with the magnification strength. The materials used for the frames also vary with some being made of metal and the colors are also varied. Choosing clip on reading glasses might not be the right choice for the person that has different eye problems on both eyes because the lenses of these flip up reading glasses use equal magnification strengths.

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